About Family Housing

Find out more about MIT's family housing

The Basics

  • MIT has two residences dedicated to family housing, the Graduate Tower at Site 4 and Westgate. Couples also have the option to apply for housing in Edgerton House, Sidney-Pacific and 70 Amherst Street. 
  • Supply is limited. Not everyone who applies for family housing will find an available apartment.
  • Family housing is available only to fully-registered MIT students and current MIT Affiliates who live with their families/partners full time and meet all eligibility requirements. If your family/partner lives elsewhere but only comes to visit for a few weeks or months of the year, you are not eligible for family housing.
  • Family is defined by a partner or spouse, children, and legal dependents.  Family housing is not for extended family members (parents, siblings, etc), unless the family member is a legal dependent. You must submit documentation proving your family status when applying for family housing.
  • You must reside full time in your apartment with your family/partner. You cannot be away for more than 10% of each semester.
  • Students who live in family housing but do not meet the eligibility requirements, or have a change in family status, will be given 30-days' notice to vacate.

Types of Family Housing

  • Graduate Tower at Site 4, located on the east side of campus, has furnished one and two bedroom apartments prioritized for couples and families with children.  Efficiency units are single-occupancy only.
  • Westgate, located on the west side of campus, has efficiencies, one, and two-bedroom apartments
  • Couples also have the following options:
    • Edgerton House, located on the northwest side of campus, has efficiencies and one bedroom apartments
    • Sidney-Pacific, located on the northwest side of campus, has efficiency apartments
    • 70 Amherst Street, located on the east side of campus, has one-bedroom apartments

All apartments in Westgate, 70 Amherst and Edgerton House are unfurnished. Sidney-Pacific may be furnished with two twin beds. Each apartment has a stove, refrigerator, and curtains or window blinds.

Note: An efficiency or studio apartment is one room without a separate bedroom. Efficiencies are located in Westgate, Edgerton House, Site 4 and Sidney-Pacific only. Efficiency units within the Graduate Tower at Site 4 are single-occupancy only.​

Size of Family

Unit Type

Couple with no children

Efficiency in Westgate

Efficiency in Edgerton House or Sidney Pacific

One-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

One Bedroom in Edgerton House or 70 Amherst Street

Couple with one child

One-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Two-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Couple with 2-3 children

Two-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Single parent with one child under 9 years old or with a parent who is a legal dependent

Efficiency in Westgate

One-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Single parent with one child at least 9 years old

One-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Two-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Single parent with 2 children

One-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Two-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Single parent with 3-4 children

Two-Bedroom in Westgate and Site 4

Expecting a baby? Parents expecting a baby must be at least twelve-weeks pregnant to apply for a two-bedroom apartment.

Providing Proof of Family

When you have selected to live in family housing at MIT, you must submit "proof of family" when signing your housing license agreement. Documentation must be in English or have a notarized English translation and include both the MIT student and partner names. Document are submitted through the Housing Portal when selecting housing. 

Family TypeDocumentation Required

Couples (with and without children)

One of the following: marriage license, certificate of civil union, domestic partnership document, a visa that indicates the name of the spouse, census report of household member, book of the family, previous lease together or joint bank account at least one year old by the time you move into your assignment

If you do not have one of the above legal documents, please provide three of the following: copy of engagement/commitment announcement in newspaper, wedding invitation, or receipt for wedding-related expense.

Couples with children

Same as above plus birth certificate or visa for your child(ren).

Single parents

Birth certificate or visa for all children living in on-campus family housing. If you are a single parent with two or more children, you are eligible for a two bedroom, but must show documentation for all children.

Student with parent as legal dependent

U.S. tax forms that prove your parent is your legal dependent or other legal documentation verifying your parent is financially dependent upon you.