Graduate housing important dates and deadlines.

These dates highlight important dates within graduate student housing at MIT. For more comprehensive dates and information, please go to the Dates & Deadlines calendar

2019-2020 Dates:
October 27- Spring housing applications open
November 6- Termination deadline for February graduating students
December 1- Spring housing applications close
December 6- Spring waiting list opens
December 18- IAP sublicensing begins
February 9- IAP sublicensing ends
March 25- Fall housing applications open
April 8- Termination deadline for June graduating students, non-renewable students, continuing, and one-year renewable for Fall 2020
April 26- Fall housing applications close
May 1- Fall housing round 2 application opens
June 1- Fall housing round 2 application closes
June 1- Fall housing waiting list opens
July 31- 2019-2020 license agreement ends