Solving Problems

Here are a few common graduate housing problems and possible solutions. If you find yourself with a residential challenge that is difficult to resolve, consult with your heads of house.

Medical Issues

What happens if I take medical leave and I am no longer registered?

  • You must be a full-time registered graduate student to retain your housing. If you take leave, you will no longer be eiligble to remain in housing. Please contact Housing & Residential Services as soon as you know that you are leaving to determine which polices apply to you.
  • You will need to give 30 days notice and fill out a termination form online. You must also provide a letter or email from your doctor, the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education, or your department to verify that you are taking medical leave. Depending on the time of year, additional rent responsiblity and fees may apply.
  • It is your responsibility to inform Housing & Residential Services that you are taking medical leave and to give your 30-day notice. If we find you are not registered and have not contacted us, we will give you 30-days notice then rent your room to another student.

Room or Roommate Problems

I have a problem with my roommate

  • Deal with the issue immediately. Don't let the situation grow until it becomes unsolvable.
  • Try discussing the matter with the house government representative on your floor. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone.
  • If you are still unsuccessful in resolving the issue, go to your head of house. They are experienced in resolving roommate problems.
  • Consider mediation. 
  • If you cannot resolve the issue, consider transferring to another room or another residence.

I have a problem with my room

What if I see a rodent or other pests in the building?

  • If you see rodents or other pests, including bed bugs, tell your house operations manager immediately. Although all buildings adhere to regular extermination schedules, they will take further precautions if necessary.
  • Always put garbage in cans, make sure food is in sealed containers, and keep kitchen areas clean.