Changes in Partnership/Family Status

My spouse/partner has moved away to take a new job. Am I eligible to remain in family housing?

  • Due to the high demand, students cannot remain in family housing when their partners or families no longer live with them on a full-time basis.
  • If there is a change in your family status, inform Housing and Residential Services (HRS) right away and we will try to accommodate you on campus in individual housing. If you prefer to live off campus, provide 30 days advance notice. Note that regular termination fees will apply.

I currently live in single housing, but my spouse/partner will be coming to live here. What are my housing options?

  • Once you provide “Proof of Family” documentation, you have the option to terminate your assignment and apply for family housing through the self-selection process. Depending on when you plan to move out, additional rent responsibility and fees may apply.
  • Please include in your termination form that you are going to self-select for family housing

I want to move off-campus to move in with my significant other. Do I need to provide any documentation?

  • If you are terminating your housing assignment to move in with your significant other, you must provide documentation that proves you are in a long-term committed relationship to ensure you have an approved reason for termination.