Building-to-Building Transfers

Thinking about changing buildings?

Fully registered single graduate students interested in transferring from one residence hall to another may enter the Building-to-Building Transfer Process or request a room swap to request a move.

Please note: The application opens at the end of October and offers are made in early December.


  • Only current residents of single graduate student housing who are fully-registered are eligible to apply for a transfer. Visitors/post docs and undergraduate students are not eligible.
  • Families or couples who wish to transfer should visit the Family Housing Transfer webpage.


This is a binding process and you are obligated to accept a transfer or room swap if you receive an offer.
  • Failure to accept an offer by the date stated in your offer letter will result in the loss of your housing with a move-out date at the end of December, and you will be charged a $250 cancellation fee.
  • If you do not receive a transfer offer, or Housing & Residential Services denies a swap request, you will stay where you are. There is no danger of losing your current assignment.
  • Transferring or swapping rooms will not change your "non-renewable," "one-year renewable," or "continuing" student status or the terms of your license agreement.

Move Dates and Billing

  • If you receive an assignment, your move date will be between the earliest date you requested and mid-January. You will need to move out of your old assignment on this date.
  • If you will not be available on your move date, please arrange for your room to be vacant before your move date, or for someone else to move your belongings while you are away.
  • Billing will be continuous, regardless of occupancy of your new and old apartments. Your billing will change to reflect your new rent and address on your move date.