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Hobby Shop Machines & Their Uses

We have machines suitable for cutting, shaping, and drilling a large range of materials, but we reserve the right to exclude materials that we feel are hazardous. This includes but is not limited to pressure-treated lumber, fiberglass, and carbon fiber reinforced materials.

The machines available are separated into three general categories:
  • woodworking machines
  • metalworking machines
  • handheld power tools
(Pictures coming soon!)

One great feature we have is the OMAX Micro Jet. If you have not already heard, MIT is the home of one of two micro water jets in the world (the other one is still at the factory!). The micro water jet is a highly pressurized bead of water that is .016 in diameter that cuts through a diverse spectrum of sheet material up to an inch and a half in thickness by applying an enormous amount of pressure: 57 – 68 KSI (Kilo pounds per square inch). The MIT community can use the micro water jet for a variety of projects, even 2D objects. Many are using the micro water jet to make precise flexures, a machine element that has to be carefully engineered to allow small exact motions. You often see flexures used in small motors but it is commonly seen in optical mounts. Waterjet classes are taught every Thursday. Come see how this machine works!     

If you have any questions about these tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.