What We Do

Q & A about the Hobby Shop!


Q: Are orientations mandatory?
A: Yes.

Q: When are orientations held?
A: Orientations are generally held once a week for the first fourteen weeks of each term. We can arrange alternate orientation times for three of more people.

Q: How many terms are there during the year?
A: There are three terms: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Q: Do you pro-rate term fees?
A: No. We do not pro-rate term fees

Teaching and Learning

Q: How do I learn to use the machinery?
A: We teach members of the shop one on one, each machine you would need to use to accomplish what you need to accomplish. You need to be prepared with dimensional drawings. We recommend that you do not purchase materials right away until you have practiced on scrap material first.

Q: I have experience using the machinery. Can I just come in and use them?
A: If you have experience we simply need to watch you operate the tools or machinery to determine how accomplished you are.