GRA/GRT Application

GRA/GRT Recruitment and Selection Timeline

GRA/GRT Recruitment and Selection Timeline
November–January 20, 2018: Info Sessions
December 1, 2017: Application goes live!
February 1: Application closes
February 5–16: RLP Staff and FSILG Staff RLP conduct pre-interview meetings with eligible candidates
February 20: Selection teams (House teams and FSILGs) will have access to completed applications
February 20–March 13: Application review and interview period
March 23–28: Res. Ed. sends electronic offers to candidates
April 2: Deadline for selected candidates to accept position via phone or e-mail
April 2: Returning staff sent renewal agreement
April 6: Deadline for all selected candidates and current GRTs to sign agreement

*GRA/GRT applications are currently closed for the 2018-2019 academic year. Please contact Julie Rothhaar-Sanders at for any questions.