Graduate Residential Life

Graduate Residential Life (GRL) supports graduate students and their families who live in single graduate housing or in family housing. GRL helps students adjust to living on campus, addresses personal and interpersonal issues related to residential life, and partners with students to enhance their overall graduate student experience. As new residents to the Cambridge area, graduate students are provided with information about programs and resources on campus and in the community to support MIT resident graduate students and their families.

Graduate Residential Life provides :

  • Leadership training to graduate residence halls executive boards
  • Event planning support
  • Crisis response and support
  • MIT Family Food Grants
  • SwipeShare (certificates required)
  • Community resource information
  • Programs for resident graduate students’ children
  • Cooking and nutrition classes

Residence Hall

Residence Website
70 Amherst StreetVisit the 70 Amherst Street website
Ashdown House                                                        Visit the Ashdown House website
Edgerton HouseVisit the Edgerton House website
Sidney-PacificVisit the Sidney-Pacific website
Site 4 Graduate TowerVisit the Site 4 website
Tang HallVisit the Tang Hall website
The WarehouseVisit the Warehouse website
Westgate ApartmentsVisit the Westgate website