Paying for Your On-campus Housing

The Basics

  • ​Your rent-responsibility begins upon your confirmed occupancy date. Billing will begin on this date even if you move in at a later date.
  • You do NOT owe a security deposit or first or last month's rent in advance, as you would for most off-campus rental housing options.
  • Your monthly housing fee (rent) includes all utilities.
  • Billing statements are available online only and are not mailed.

How You Pay

MIT Student Billing

  • Graduate students, undergraduate students, cross-registered, and special students are billed through Student Financial Services (MITPAY).
  • If you are drawing a regular income from MIT, you can have your rent automatically withdrawn from your paycheck by submitting a payroll deduction request through the MIT Payroll Office.

MIT Affiliate/Visitor Billing

  • Housing charges, invoices and payments for affiliates, unregistered graduate students*, and students with a NIV major are automatically processed through the Stripe Autopay system within the Housing Portal. A valid credit card or debit card is required to be on file in the Stripe autopay system. 

*Unregistered Graduate Students:

Please note that if you become an unregistered student, any new housing charges will be switched from MITPAY to HRS Stripe Autopay system. Charges or payments are not transferable between the two systems. If or when your registration becomes registered, or eligible to register, your billing and payments will resume through MITPAY. More information regarding the Stripe Autopay system can be found on the Housing & Residential Services webpage.

Changing Your WebSIS Address

  • Your address in WebSIS is created by the billing system. As long as your housing license is active, the initial address cannot be changed. You will be able to update your WebSIS address only when your rent responsibility ends.
  • If you move out, we will continue to bill you until your rent responsibility ends.
  • If you move out before your rent responsibility ends, you can enter your new address in the "Temporary Address" field.