First Year Residence Exchange (FYRE)

Learn more about one of MIT's most unique processes

Did you arrive for Orientation and Residence Exploration (REX) and discover a new community you would like to live in? The FYRE process offers first-year students a chance to change residence halls before classes start.

How does it work?

  • The FYRE application opens at 12:00 pm on the Saturday first-year students move in and Orientation/REX begins.
  • Students who wish to participate will visit their Housing Portal and complete the application with their new housing preferences.
  • The application closes at 2:00 am on the Wednesday after Orientation/REX begins and students will receive their results in the afternoon so they can participate in the internal room selection process in their permanent residence hall that evening.
  • View FYRE Flowchart

How do you move?

Students who receive a switch in FYRE will move to their final building during inter-hall move day on the Thursday after Orientation/REX begins. Don't worry, moving assistance is provided!

Still Want to Move?

If you didn't receive a switch in FYRE and you would still like to move, we encourage you to participate in the building switch processes held each semester. Learn more.