Temporary Overflow Housing

At times, it has been necessary to designate some rooms as temporary overflow housing. This means that more students are assigned to these rooms than they typically accommodate.* This usually affects first-year students in some of the larger rooms.

Conditions for Temporary Overflow Housing:

  • The rent for residents living in rooms with overflow is reduced accordingly.
  • When vacancies do open up, students in overflow spaces are given priority over students in non-overflow spaces. (Vacancies are always filled in accordance with the room assignment policies of each individual residence).
  • If one student in a room with overflow elects to move to a permanent space, the rent for the students remaining reverts to the full rate.
  • Residents may be required to move to permanent spaces if vacancies exist in their residence hall.

*Current assigned occupancy still meets all applicable federal, state and local laws regarding occupancy numbers and room size.