How do I quarantine in my residence after returning from travel?

The quarantine process limits a person’s movement during the period when it is unclear whether they have the virus. If a person is quarantining after traveling, they will be instructed to limit their movements outside of their rooms during the quarantine period. That means you cannot have direct contact with anyone else and you must stay in your room except to use your assigned bathroom or to get packages or food while wearing a face covering.

Quarantining residents who need to launder items will be required to wear a face covering and avoid touching door handles directly or using elevators while outside their room. Students should use the available WashLava app to ensure washer/dryer availability before leaving their room. Residents can also leave the building for about an hour to exercise each day, wearing their face covering the entire time. While outside the room, residents must keep six feet apart from other people and wear a face covering at all times, including around people known to the resident.

During quarantine, please also continue with your regular testing cadence according to automated testing prompts from Atlas, so you can maintain access to your residence. Once a negative test result returns after the seven-day quarantine, the quarantine period will end.

Special Note for Graduate Students: Graduate students are encouraged to review guidance about vacation time and quarantine.