East Campus Renewal Project

East Campus
Renewal Project

East Campus Renewal Project

Project Information, Engagement & Outreach

East Campus has been selected as the next residential renewal project as part of MIT’s 2030 campus renovation and renewal plan.

Both East Campus parallels are anticipated to go offline after MIT’s 2023 Commencement exercises and will remain unoccupied for the duration of the renewal period, which is expected to last for two academic years. 

Throughout the design process, the Division of Student Life (DSL), Housing & Residential Services (HRS), and the project team will engage the house team and resident student leaders to ensure that the East Campus Transition Team (ECTT) works with the architects and provides input on the student life program elements of the design.

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East Campus Transition Team

The ECTT will serve as a working group to plan for the transition of the East Campus (EC) community due to the anticipated renovation and renewal of Buildings 62 and 64. Responsibilities of the group include:

  • Raising renewal-related issues and developing strategies to address them;
  • Working through relocation logistics, including housing assignments, community event and gathering spaces, community storage and other student and staff needs;
  • Documenting house history, culture, and artwork;
  • Providing input on the renovation designs in student and residential spaces; and
  • Ensuring effective communication with the EC community.

The anticipated timeline for project engagement, which is subject to change based on the final construction timeline, is still under development


ECTT Transition Team

The Division of Student Life (DSL) has worked with East Campus leadership to assemble the Transition Team, which includes house team members, student residents from the house, and DSL staff.  Below, please find a list of current ECTT members:


  • Anhad Sawhney
  • Daniel Figgis Gonzalez
  • Ether Bazhenov
  • Raleigh Berman
  • Faith Kelley
  • Rachel Dzwonkowski
  • Juan Alvarez
  • Tyra Espedal
  • Maggie Lin
  • Arthur Hu
  • Ash Maki
  • Martin Chan
  • Hannah Kim
  • Jordan Tierney
  • Santi Cantu
  • Sierra Green
  • Shruti Garg
  • Katilyn Przydzial
  • Lisa Kondrich
  • Phoenix Swartz
  • Theo Black
  • Wren Berlanga
  • Arthur Zangi
  • Zawad Chowdhury
  • Hanu Snyder

House Team

  • Sandy Alexandre, Head of House
  • Eden and Cristian Medina, Associate Heads of House
  • Kat Howell, Interim Area Director
  • Joe Graham, House Operations Manager

Division of Student Life

  • David Friedrich, Sr. Associate Dean for Housing & Residential Services
  • Judy Robinson, Sr. Associate Dean for Residential Education & Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • David Randall, Sr. Associate Dean for Student Support and Well-being
  • Richard Hilton, Associate Dean & Director for Residential Services and Operations
  • Dennis Collins, Director of Capital Renewal and Renovations
  • Tasha Coppett, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Residential Life
  • Lauryn McNair, Assistant Dean for LBGTQ+ Services, Womxn, and Gender
  • Mary Liñan, Manager of Special Initiatives for Housing & Residential Services

Guiding Principles 

  • 2016 Architectural Principles for MIT Undergraduate Residences
  • 2018 Undergraduate Housing Working Group Principles
    • Develop effective communications strategies.
    • Preserve student choice and agency for alternative living arrangements to the extent possible.
    • Provide small groups to move together and link to another friend-group in adjacent hall.
    • Prioritize students from buildings undergoing renewal during switch processes.
    • Help community by providing support, programs to keep the community together, and GRA liaisons.
    • Prioritize students returning to house after renewal (including students who lived in house through the last term when it was open and moved off campus).


To view a copy of the East Campus Transition Team (ECTT) Charter, please click on the link below. 

View ECTT Charter

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