Early Arrivals

Early Arrivals

Early Arrivals

Hey there, early bird.

Students who will be assisting with Orientation, or who are participating in a sport or program that begins prior to the start of the academic year may be permitted to arrive on campus before the designated move-in date for returning students. 

  • IMPORTANT: Select groups are allotted a specific number of spaces for Early Arrivals. The coordinators of these groups will supply Housing & Residential Services (HRS) with a list of students selected to return early. HRS is unable to add additional students beyond the approved number for each group.

Each student on a coordinator's list must submit an individual Early Arrival Request Form within their Housing Portal by the stated deadline to be considered for Early Arrival approval. When you submit the application, you are agreeing to abide by the all housing policies and procedures. You will not be permitted to access your room before your designated move-in date.

Early Arrival Eligibility

  • Group coordinators may select any sophomore, junior, or senior undergraduate students who have been assigned to live in an undergraduate residence hall for the fall semester.
  • Students who live in fraternities, sororities, or independent living groups (FSILGs) for the fall semester are not eligible to arrive early, except those students who reside in Green Hall, 405 or 407 Memorial Drive.
  • If you are living in an FSILG for the summer, you are NOT eligible to arrive early unless you are approved for an Early Arrival through an on-campus group. You will need to find alternative housing for the period of time between the end of your FSILG housing and the September move-in date for returning students.
  • Students facing extenuating circumstances (i.e. travel restrictions, limited international flight availability, etc.) may request an early arrival.  The request will be reviewed by staff within the Division of Student Life.  Arrivals will not be approved prior to the deadline set by HRS each year.   
If you currently live in summer student housing, you do not need to request an Early Arrival, and you will move directly to your fall housing assignment.

Moving-in without Early Arrival Approval

  • If you are unapproved for an Early Arrival by HRS, you cannot move into your room/residence hall early.
  • Housing staff is unable to provide access to your room/residence hall until the returning student move-in date.
  • All unauthorized early arrivals will be charged a $595 early return penalty
No exceptions will be made to this policy.  Please make your summer and travel plans accordingly.