Dining FAQ Academic Year 2022-2023

Can I go for a meal in a house other than my residence?

Yes, anyone with a meal plan can go to any of the six dining houses. All menus are different, so we encourage trying different houses.

Are house dining meals all-you-care-to-eat?

Yes, you can eat as much as you want but be mindful of food waste. Take what you want but eat what you take!

How are you handling food allergies?

The Bon Appetit dining services team is well-trained in food allergy awareness and offer a number of options for students with food allergies and celiac disease. This includes communication about and modification to existing menu items, special preparation of menu items, and access to special products as agreed upon with students.

The OASIS station is a destination in Howard Dining Hall at Maseeh where all meals prepared are made without the use of the top-nine allergens* and gluten. OASIS is a segregated station designed with your safety in mind and allows our team to best manage ingredients from delivery to plate.  All meals are prepared on designated equipment by a trained culinarian to avoid cross-contact. This upcoming 2022-2023 school year, Oasis has expanded to offer made to order salads in addition to the hot and cold entree selections.  Next to the Oasis station, we are offering our new Global-Inspired Bowls station, where all the menu items will be prepared without peanuts, tree nuts, or gluten.  This cook-to-order station will rotate daily specials on a weekly basis from Mediterranean to Barbecue and Korean-inspired bulgogi classics. 

Daily menus for each café can be accessed at https://mit.cafebonappetit.com. Menu items that are appropriate options for most students with celiac disease are labeled as “made without gluten-containing ingredients” and can be filtered to streamline searching using the dietary preferences filter. Top-9 allergens are included in menu names and/or descriptions whenever possible.  

Avoiding Gluten?  Our enhanced Avoiding Gluten? station provides breads, pastries, cookies, condiments, snacks, cereals, and other items that are without gluten-containing ingredients in all 6 residential dining houses.

For more on eating with a food allergy in our café, visit https://mit.cafebonappetit.com/#food-allergies. Further questions about ingredients can be answered by our trained managers/chefs on-site and our new Residential Dietitian Janyl Finnerty, MS RD, LDN at janyl.finnerty@cafebonappetit.com

If I do not have a meal plan can I use a dining hall?

Yes, you can go with a friend with a meal plan and utilize a guest swipe or pay with cash or TechCASH.

Do fall or spring meal plans cover IAP?

No, IAP is a separate period and is not included in the fall or spring plans to reduce plan costs. IAP plans can be purchased to cover one to four weeks depending on the length needed. Information will be released in November.

Can I add dining dollars and is there a 5% discount?

Yes, you can add dining dollars to any meal plan through MyCard. Please note the 225 Block comes with $150 D$. The 5% discount still applies when used on-campus.

When are retail dining locations open?

Please check the Retail Dining section on our website for the latest information.

If I live in a graduate residence hall, a building without in-house dining or off campus, is a meal plan worth having??

Yes! Whether you live a few blocks or a few miles away from campus, there will be days when you appreciate the convenience of grabbing a bite to eat right before or after class. We offer a variety of meal plan packages, including a 60 meal plan, that will allow you to enjoy the full dining experience in our dining halls.

Can I use meal swipes in retail food operations?

You can pay with dining dollars and TechCASH but not meal swipes.

Do dining halls have door rates?

Yes, Breakfast - $9.95, Brunch/Lunch - $15.75, Dinner - $18.75

Can I take meal plan food out of dining halls?

Guests can utilize our ecoclamshell program with a meal swipe.

Is SwipeShare still available?

Is Kosher and halal food available?

Yes, Maseeh’s Kosher station will be open and at least one halal entrée will be available at each house dining location.

Are guest meal swipes still available?

Eight guest meals comes with the Any 19 plan. For block plans, you can utilize regular swipes for guests.

Is TechMart still open?

No, the space is being converted to vending to better serve New Vassar residents.

How can I get involved dining decision-making and advisory work?

You can join the House Dining Committee (HDC), work with DormCon, get involved with the UA or GSC, or look to join a working group.

What is the best way to provide feedback or make a suggestion?

Look for the UA/Dining Satisfaction Survey or send feedback to foodstuff@mit.edu.