COVID-19 Dining FAQs

Can I pick-up a meal in a house other than my residence?

Students are required to eat in their house of residence for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Weekday meal service may also be available in W20.

Are meals still all-you-care-to-eat?

Our focus is on generous portions, allowing students to maintain healthy lifestyles and receive proper nutrition. Due to directional queueing to maintain social distancing, students will go through a serving line once and can ask for extra servings.

Is food still self-service/buffet style?

Due to public health guidance, all residential meals transitioned from self-serve / “all you care to eat” to a served model.

Are menus similar to last year?

Resizing the menu to a limited number of entrees and sides allows higher food quality, speed of service, and portability. You can expect 4-6 entrees at each meal. We also have to maintain physical distancing in production kitchens for personal safety, so there are fewer culinary staff.

How are you handling food allergies?

We work directly with our food service provider, students, and Disability and Access Services to accommodate dietary needs. Learn more:

Can I add dining dollars and is there a 5% discount?

Yes, this year dining dollars are optional, and you can add up $150.

When are retail dining locations open?

There are limited operations open – Dunkin in W20 will reopen in February and Pacific Street Café at Sydney-Pacific is open. Please check the latest here:

Can I take meal plan food out of dining halls and W20?

Yes, the primary focus is take-out meals and all food is in take-out containers. You should receive a reusable bag during move-in and can use it for carrying out meals.

Is Kosher and halal food available?

Yes, both are available and prepared on campus.

Do I have to wear face coverings in dining halls and serving areas?

While you are moving in the servery and dining room, face coverings are mandatory. In the event dining rooms are open, face coverings are not required when seated at your table.

Can I sit with my friends to eat?

The policy regarding dining room seating will be released In February. You can eat with your pod in your room, outside, etc.

Is food delivered to cook-for-yourself-houses?

Yes, food is delivered to C4YS houses and served by dining staff for all 19 meals.

Are vending machines being restocked?

No, vending is on pause for the academic year due to building security concerns and sanitation.

Is TechCASH still available?

Is SwipeShare still available?

Are guest meal swipes still available?

No, due to restrictions on guests, there are no guest meals this year.

Is there late night at Maseeh and Simmons?

There is no late night service in Maseeh and Simmons this year. A late night TechSnacks program is provided in all houses.

Is TechMart still open?

Yes, TechMart is located in the W20 Coffeehouse Lounge for the spring semester and is open Monday-Friday. Please check the retail dining webpage for current hours.