Guest Passes

Students with an Any 19 or Any 14 meal plan will receive free guest passes to bring a guest to dine in any one of the house dining halls.

Guest passes are available for use after the end of the meal plan change period (typically mid-to-late September). The number of guest passes vary by meal plan type. Please see chart below:

Meal Plan Type Number of guest passes per semester
Any 19 8
Any 14 6

All students must present their MIT ID card to the cashier to be swiped after their regular meal has been swiped.

  • Only one guest pass may be used per meal period.
  • The meal plan holder must accompany the individual using a guest pass during the meal that the pass is being used.
  • Guest passes expire at the end of the semester and are non-transferrable to another semester or another meal plan holder, or redeemable in any other form.

Students with a "meals per semester" plan are welcome to use their meal swipes for guests in any one of the house dining halls.