Eco-Clamshells/Green Boxes

All meal plan holders are given one eco-clamshell/green box container. If it is lost, stolen, or missing, you may choose to replace it for $5 at any house dining location. These containers are provided so students may take a meal to go from the dining hall during regular meal periods. You may also take a beverage cup provided by Bon Appetit.

For a meal to go, bring the container with you and swipe your card at the cashier like a regular meal. You will have a specified amount of time to go through the cafe to make your meal selection. To-go meals should not contain excessive amounts of any one item. Dining staff may inspect the container contents for compliance with this policy. You are not permitted to eat in the dining hall and take out food. Doing so will revoke your privilege for to-go meals. The containers are provided for meals to be taken and eaten outside of the dining halls.

If you plan to eat in the dining hall and also have a container to return, you must return your container to the cashier when presenting your card for your meal swipe. Please remember to rinse and clean your container before returning it to the dining hall.

All other dishes such as cups, trays, and utensils, must remain in the dining hall.

In order to meet city health code and sanitation standards, the use of personal reusable containers, including cups of any type, are not allowed.