Allergies & Special Diets, Spring 2021

If you have food allergies or adhere to a special diet, you will find dining staff committed to helping you achieve your dietary goals. Campus Dining and our partners take food allergies very seriously and it is our responsibility to support you.

Nine foods account for the majority of allergic reactions: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, sesame, and wheat. Our allergen-free entrees and sides exclude ingredients containing these top allergens and we have allergen-trained chefs preparing all items. We also identify dishes prepared with these items and advise diners with allergies to do following:

  1. Pay attention to dish names. Dishes made with common allergens often have that allergen mentioned in the name of the dish.
  2. Read labels. Many pre-packaged grab-and-go items have nutrition labeling.
  3. Establish relationships with our chefs. Simple conversations with chefs can make your dining experience a lot easier. Identify your allergies to the chef manager or MIT Dining as early in the semester as possible.

How Bon Appetit is handling food allergies and food preferences this year:

  • There are allergen-trained culinary team members in both companies
  • All hot food is staff-served only, which prevents cross contamination between dishes and serving utensils.
  • Allergen-free hot dishes will be individually wrapped and labeled, following preparation in separate kitchen areas.
  • Salads, desserts, cut fruit, and snacks are individually pre-packaged to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Students identifying food allergies concerns work directly with Bon Appetit and Restaurant Associates leadership. This allows for direct communication.

Please contact Disability and Access Services (DAS), das-all@mit.edu, to discuss any concerns related to medical conditions or food allergies.

Students with special diets can also be seen by a student health professional at MIT Medical and receive a referral to the MIT Medical nutritionist.  Read more about special diets and house dining meal plans.
Kosher - Shabbat and Jewish Holiday Meals
Kosher dining at MIT adheres to the highest standards of Jewish dietary law and program oversight is provided by the Vaad Harabonim of New England (Rabbinical Council of New England), MIT Campus Dining, and MIT Hillel. Kosher food is produced onsite in our kosher kitchen and is delivered to houses. Students can contact MIT Hillel at hillel@mit.edu to arrange for Kosher meals.

Visit the MIT Hillel web page for holiday schedules or contact MIT Hillel for more information.

Halal Food
Muslim students will find halal menu offerings at all meal plan service locations.

All House Dining locations offer vegetarian and vegan menus. Vegetarian and vegan food production is handled in ways to avoid cross-contact with meat products.