ID Cards

The meal plan membership card is the MIT photo ID card validated for the plan in which the student is enrolled. To enter a house dining hall, students must provide their ID card for the cashier to "swipe". The specific meal will be deducted from the student's weekly meal balance upon each entry into a dining room. Students are not permitted to re-enter any house dining hall utilizing their weekly meal plan until the next period for which they are eligible. MIT Dining and their vendors reserve the right to have an employee inspect ID cards at any time and to request other identification to verify the identity of the card holder.

Forgotten IDs
Students who forget their MIT ID may be admitted to a house dining hall at the sole discretion of the house dining manager, and for no more than three times within one semester. Students will be required to register in a logbook available at every register. MIT Dining and their vendor reserve the right to deny entry to individuals who frequently forget their ID card.

Lost or Stolen IDs
Students who lose their MIT card, or have it stolen, should follow the procedures for card deactivation on the MIT Card Services website. To protect their meal plan weekly balanace, as well as TechCASH and other account balances, students should deactivate their card and obtain a replacement within three days. When arriving for meal periods during this time, individuals should bring email confirmation reporting the lost/stolen ID along with a photo ID to verify the identity and meal plan. MIT Dining and their vendors reserve the right to deny entry to individuals who do not replace their ID card within three days of reporting lost or stolen.