House Dining Meal Plans

Graduate students are eligible to enroll in any meal plan

  • Graduate students may enroll in any plan below.
  • Plans are billed by the semester and you may cancel the following semester during the spring and fall change periods.

Academic Year 2020-21 Meal Plan Options for Graduate Students


Any 19 + 8 Guest Passes per Semester


225 Meals + $150 dining dollars


190 Meals

125 Meals $1,900.00  
90 Meals $1,418.00  
60 Meals $968.00  
  • All meal plans can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, late-night, or weekend brunch
  • Any amount of dining dollars can be added to your plan at Dining dollars are accepted at most on-campus eateries with a 5% discount on food only (a $1 food item will cost $.95)


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