User Experience Tools

As the user experience profession and field has matured, there have been an increase in tools available to use during the entire user experience life cycle. Our team uses a variety of software tools as part of our consulting services. There are also a wide variety of other user experience tools available and the list continues to expand.
As part of our consulting services, we have subscriptions to some tools that we can use to help you with research and evaluation, but we cannot loan them out.

MIT Institute-Wide User Experience Software Tools 

The following products are available MIT-enterprise wide and are available to all MIT employees:
  • Zoom, a remote meeting & recording software that also is an all-encompassing usability research and evaluation product 
  • Qualtrics, a robust survey tool for enterprise-wide surveys 

Accessibility & Usability Team User Experience Software Tools 

The following products are used by the Accessibility & User Experience team as part of our consulting service offerings. We use these to research and evaluate products, but due to licensing issues we cannot share them with the MIT community:
  • UserZoom, a software that provides the ability for our team to do um-moderated usability testing on a large scale with participants outside MIT
  • Optimal WorkShop, a suite of various research tools bundled together
    • Optimal Sort, a card-sorting tool
    • Treejack, a reverse card-sorting (and information-archiecture validation) tool 
    • Chalkmark, a first impressions software 
    • Reframer, a note taking software 
  • TryMyUI, a remote and unmoderated usability test software 

General User Experience Software Tools

The following products are commercially available user experience products you can purchase on your own:
  • Balsamiq, a low/medium fidelity prototyping tool
  • Axure, a low/medium fidelity prototyping tool
  •, a digital workspace for visual collaboration

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Validation Tools 

The following products from the W3C are free tools to check your Web site overall: All inquiries are welcome at usability [at]