User Experience

Our user experience experts research and evaluate internal and external MIT Web sites, Web applications, and software applications using a variety of user experience methods based on specific client needs, requirements, and time frames.

Primary Goals

  • Provide free user experience reviews and consulting to MIT
  • Building an awareness and understanding of the concepts of usability and user experience principles across the Institute
  • Providing user experience consulting services to clients across the Institute, tailored to the needs of each client
  • Facilitating training sessions, workshops, and talks about user experience
  • Assisting product development groups, departments, and the overall MIT community in applying these principles to their work

Primary Services & Methods

We are available to the entire MIT community to discuss and recommend user-center design options for your needs. Our services are free of charge to the MIT community.

Using a variety of tools and methods, user experience consultants assist clients to balance user needs, business goals, technology constrains, and schedules to help provide the best possible user experience within confines and context of a project.

Working with user experience early is preferable; however, we are also flexible in our methodology and focus to engage clients with appropriate methods and assistance at any time.

The following is a listing of the primary user experience services offered:

  • Card Sorting
  • Comparative Research
  • Expert/Design Reviews
  • Reverse Card Sorting (also called information architecture validation)
  • Surveys
  • Usability Testing (moderated)
  • Usability Testing (un moderated)
  • User Interviews

All inquiries are welcome at usability [at]