DAS maintains an inventory of assistive technology selected specifically for the MIT community to try out and use. We will demonstrate these technologies to anyone at MIT.

On this page:

Math Software

  • Math Talk software can be used with Scientific Notebook and Dragon Naturally Speaking to speak math notation expressions into Scientific Notebook.
  • MathType Equation Editor allows math to be entered into Word in a format that is easily converted to accessible formats (large print and audio)
  • Infty Reader software recognizes and converts math text into usable electronic formats, such as Latex, XML and MathML.
  • MathML the standard markup language for mathematics on the web

Operating System Accessibility Options

Organizational Tools (Diagramming)

Reading Software

Screen Reading

Screen reading software applications identify the text being displayed on a computer screen and convert the text to audio. This allows blind and visually-impaired individuals to hear what is being displayed on a computer screen.

Speech Recognition

All speech recognition software packages transcribe spoken language to written text. They require a voice profile for each individual and minimal training using a microphone.

  • Dragon for Windows includes many features beyond text dictation: voice commands that allow for "hands-free" operation of the computer, transcription of recorded audio, and commands to surf the web.
  • Windows Speech Recognition comes standard with the Windows 10 operating system. It works best with Microsoft applications.
  • Mac dictation and command features come standard in the Mac OS X operating system.

Stretch Break Software

  • Stretchly is a free, open-source break time reminder app. Use the preset break reminds, or set your own intervals to take a break from computing. 

Text Scanning and OCR Software

Text scanning software converts paper based print material or computer based image files and performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert them to text. Users can read the text files with screen reading software, magnification, or other adaptive technologies.

  • Kurzweil 3000 software allows the user to scan printed pages or image files, converts them to text and reads them out loud to the user. Kurzweil 3000 also has additional study tools such as highlighting, note taking, reading the web, dictionary and thesaurus.

To request a demonstration, please contact das-staff [at]