Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Prevention

ATIC is one of a few places at MIT to offer information and resources focused on the prevention of computer-related Repetitive Strain Injury.  

The MIT informational brochure "" lists all these resources.

ATIC (in Room W20-507) offers various technology tools that have proven helpful in alleviating or preventing some of the symptoms of RSI:
  • Keyboards and Mice - for individuals seeking an alternative to the standard input devices.
  • Speech Recognition is an assistive technology that can be helpful if typing becomes difficult.
Stretchly, a free, open-source app available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, reminds you to take periodic breaks from computing.

MIT's Environmenatal, Health, and Safety (EHS) Department provides ergonomic advice, consulting, and online tools to assist you in setting up your workstation:

MIT Medical provides medical advice for any work-related injury.

All inquiries are welcome at atic-staff [at]