Hardware and Ergonomic Devices

Due to COVID-19 and our staff working remotely, we will not be offering in-person demos or equipment loaners during the fall 2020 semester. Please contact atic-staff [at] mit.edu with questions. Thank you for your patience.

ATIC maintains an inventory of assistive technology selected specifically for the MIT community to try out and use. We will demonstrate these technologies to anyone at MIT and many are available for loan to community members. To request a demonstration or loan, please contact atic-staff [at] mit.edu or telephone 617-253-7808.

Here is a list of the type of devices offered:

Braille Devices

Head-Pointing Devices

  • NaturalPoint SmartNav uses an infrared (IR) camera to track head movements and allow for hand-free mousing
  • Camera Mouse a free software download that uses head motion to control the mouse (Windows only)

Magnification and Low-Vision Devices

Portable Magnifiers

Desktop Magnifiers

  • DaVinci HD/OCR Desktop Magnifier all-in-one device to magnify papers on the desk or items at a distance on a desktop display. Includes OCR capability. The display can also be connected to a laptop or iOS device
  • Transformer portable electronic magnifier that connects to your laptop, desktop, or monitor

Math Support

Note-Taking Devices

Ergonomic and Alternative Keyboards and Mice

ATIC (7-143) maintains a collection of keyboards and pointing devices for individuals seeking an alternative to the standard input devices. All have USB connectors and are available for a 3-5 day loan to anyone in the MIT community with a valid ID.


One-Handed Keyboards


Right-handed only devices are noted with (RH).


Vertical Pointing Devices


Other Pointing Devices

All inquiries are welcome at atic-staff [at] mit.edu.