Assistive Technology

Our Assistive technology consultants provide guidance and services to facilitate the use of assistive technology and access for persons with disabilities at MIT.   In ATIC (the Assistive Technology Information Center), MIT Room W20-507, we provide:

  • Consultations to individuals exploring assistive technology options
  • Demonstrations of assistive technologies such as alternative keyboards, pointing devices, magnification, and voice recognition software
  • Assistance in making MIT academic course materials accessible to students with disabilities

We will consult with any member of the MIT community seeking technology solutions: with MIT students, faculty, and staff with disabilities or temporary injuries, to individuals supporting a person with a disability, to small groups, and to departments with a technology access concern.

During an individual consultation, we help you explore the technology solutions available to ensure access to hardware, software, web-based products, online documentation, or media resources required for study or work at MIT.  ATIC does not make any decisions regarding disability accommodations. Accommodation discussions for students are handled by our colleagues in DAS.  You can contact them by writing to das-student [at]  Accommodations for MIT faculty and staff are handled by HR Disability Services

We coordinate our work closely with Accessibility,  where we research and evaluate accessible information technologies and content.  Products that have been designed with accessibility in mind reach the widest audience and interact well with assistive technology.  

No referral is required to request a consultation. 

To schedule a time with us, please contact atic-staff [at]