Physical Accessibility

The MIT Campus Accessibility Map (a PDF document) is a map prepared by the MIT Planning Office. Copies are available in our office (Room 5-104) and the main MIT Events and Information Center (Room 7-121).

This map of the MIT campus details recommended routes for individuals with mobility disabilities, including the locations of curb cuts, ramps, and accessible restrooms and entrances to buildings on the MIT campus. The guide is one of a series of steps being taken to make the MIT campus accessible to persons with disabilities. Since it is not practical to show either all existing architectural barriers or all possible routes, this map addresses the overall accessibility of the MIT campus. Although this guide deals with the general needs of the temporarily or permanently disabled, MIT is prepared to respond to the special needs of individuals.

Access at MIT

Library Services

The MIT Libraries are committed to ensuring persons with disabilities have access to all of our resources. Assistance retrieving items from the stacks can be requested at any MIT Libraries service desk and most items can be requested in advance for pickup at any services desk using the Your Account service. Qualified students with disabilities may specify a "Designated Borrower" to borrow materials on their behalf by contacting Disability and Access Services (DAS) who will assist in obtaining this privilege from the Libraries. The libraries are equipped with assistive equipment and software for persons with disabilities. For more information regarding access to MIT Libraries materials and services call 617-253-5671 or email circulation [at]


MIT's parking lots are located in different zones, and parking permits are specific to zones. Please see the Parking and Transportation Office for information on accessible parking spaces. Parking in designated disabled spaces requires a registry-issued disabled license plate/placard as well as the MIT parking sticker. If you do not have a disabled plate, and special parking arrangements are required for an extended period of time: Students - please contact the Medical Department, E23-281, 617-253-7625 ; Staff/Visitors – please contact Human Resources Disability Services, Elliott Richman at 617-258-0617 or richman1 [at] If special parking arrangements, contact MIT Parking and Transportation, W20-022, 617-258-6510, Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

MIT Medical

The MIT Medical Department staffs a wide range of medical specialists for the MIT community.  If you are seeking services, please contact Medical directly.  General appointments: 617-253-4481, or TTY: 617-258-0656. If the situation is potentially life-threatening and you are on the MIT campus, dial 100 from any campus telephone. Campus Police will provide ambulance service to MIT Medical or a nearby acute care hospital. If the need is urgent but not life-threatening, call MIT Medical's Urgent Care Line for advice, 617-253-1311 (voice/TTY) during their office hours. Otherwise, call the general MIT Medical phone number at 617-253-4481. Urgent Care Hours are M-F, 8 am to 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm. All patients must call the Urgent Care line before they can be seen.

Snow Removal

If additional snow removal is needed, contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at 617-253-4948 or dof-csc [at] Their office is in Building 7-019. The Customer Service Center representatives are available to assist the community from Monday through Friday 7 AM to 4:30 PM.

Transportation: Medical Necessity

Under extraordinary circumstances and when deemed appropriate by DAS and Campus Police, people with medical circumstances may be provided medical transports for up to a four (4) week period. During the this time of transports, the MIT Campus Police will provide up to one (1) round trips within one day. [In cases where the medical needs of the person with a disability might extend for a short period of time beyond the four-week period, DAS will conduct a case review and advise Campus Police if there are special needs.] Contact DAS for eligibility information, 5-104, (617) 253-1674.

Transportation - Campus-Wide

The Parking and Transportation Office operates MIT's campus shuttle service known as the TECH Shuttle. This service is free and available to all members of the MIT community. The TECH shuttle service employs accessible vehicles.

Architectural Barriers

If you encounter any barriers or have any requirements or recommendations relating to the physical environment, contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office (N52-496, 617-452-3477), Facilities (NE49-2300, 617-258-7011), or Disability and Access Services (DAS) staff (5-104, 617-253-1674).

Locked Doors and Keyed Entry

Some doors are locked after 6 pm and on weekends. For entry information, contact MIT police, W89, (general business number) 617-253-2996.

All inquiries are welcome at das-student [at]