Spring 2021 Reminders & Updates

February 8, 2021

The information in this message has also been added to the Spring 2021 Housing Dashboard to help you navigate your arrival to campus.  Items in red have been added or adjusted since the previous communication.  


  1. Pre-Departure Testing Kit & COVID Pass
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Form (added)
    • On-campus testing eligibility (added)  
  2. Massachusetts Travel Form & International Flight Testing (if applicable)
  3. Pack Light

General Move-in Details

  1. Arrive on Your Scheduled Date & Time
    • After-hours arrival guidance (added)
  2. Receive Your COVID-19 Test & Complete Daily Health Attestation
    • First stop: Kresge for ALL students (updated)
  3. Airport Shuttles & Getting Around Campus
    • Arrival by car parking information (added)
    • Deadline to request airport shuttle & airport pickup locations (added)
  4. Move-in Guest Policy
  5. Please Have Your MIT ID
  6. Quarantine Week
    • Second COVID-19 test on 2/20 for ALL move-in weekend arrivals (added)
  7. Dining Experience 
  8. Double Rooms
    • Roommates who arrive outside of testing hours will be accommodated in a single room until testing is completed (added)
  9. Moving Assistance & Storage

Prior to Your Arrival to Campus 

In addition to signing your Housing License Agreement and completing the Personal Departure Plan through your MyHousing portal, please review and complete the following items prior to your arrival on campus:   

  • Pre-Departure COVID-19 Testing Kit & Campus Testing (if applicable): MIT Medical mailed a pre-departure testing kit to undergraduates currently in the United States who registered for a kit and who live outside of the Cambridge/Boston area. As described in a recent message, students are required to complete a brief virtual training this week prior to test submission.

    As a reminder, students who are currently living in the Boston/Cambridge area are eligible to visit campus to test at one of MIT Medical's testing facilities as described in Chancellor Barnhart's recent message.  Please note, however, that incoming campus residents will still be expected to follow all arrival protocols on their assigned move-in date which includes testing again immediately prior to moving into their residence hall. 
  • COVID Pass: You should have received an automated email formally inviting you to access MIT’s COVID Pass system which was created to help the MIT community complete all health monitoring requirements to maintain access to campus buildings.  Once you receive the invitation email, you can access the system by downloading the MIT Atlas mobile phone application (iOS 13+ or Android 7+), or access the system online.  If you need help with accessing COVID Pass, please email covidapps-help@mit.edu.
    • Once granted access to COVID Pass, please acknowledge and agree to the Student & Resident Campus Agreement which outlines student policies and community expectations related to COVID-19.
    • Complete the online learning module for residents which outlines COVID-19 student policies and life on campus.  The learning module is linked through COVID Pass and is also accessible directly through the Atlas Learning Center
    • MIT is asking all members of the community to complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Form through COVID Vaccine in the MIT Atlas app to help determine vaccine eligibility groupings.  

      Please note that reading and agreeing to the Student & Resident Campus Agreement and completing the online learning module are required prior to checking into your residence. The COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Form is not required prior to your arrival. 
  • Massachusetts Travel Reporting Requirement (if applicable):  Individuals over the age of 18 entering Massachusetts from any international location, or from a restricted state, are now required to complete the state-mandated Massachusetts Travel Form immediately prior to arriving to Massachusetts.  To learn more about these requirements, please visit the Commonwealth's website.  MIT’s COVID-19 policies for students who arrive to live on campus satisfy the state-mandated testing and quarantine requirements.  If a guest is traveling with you to help with move-in, review bullet #2 under the “Potential Other Traveler Scenarios” section of the Commonwealth’s website for guidance.    
  • International Flight COVID-19 Federal Testing Requirement (if applicable): Effective January 26, 2021, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) require any individual entering the U.S. to provide a negative COVID-19 test to board their flight to the U.S.  Learn more on the International Students Office website.  
  • Pack Light: If circumstances require the emergency closure of MIT’s campus, all of us need to be prepared. MIT is requesting that all undergraduate students living on campus this spring pack lightly.


General Move-in Details

  • Arrive on Your Scheduled Date and Time.  You are expected to arrive during your assigned arrival period unless alternate arrangements with HRS have already been made, or if there are circumstances beyond your control (i.e. travel delays).  If your arrival date has changed, please email travelchange@mit.edu as soon as possible with the details. If you're running slightly earlier or later than your scheduled arrival time, please don't worry! First-years who arrive after 5:00 pm but before 8:00 pm on Saturday, February 13 may still check-in with The Office of the First Year at Kresge (W16) to get their MIT ID prior to arriving at their residence.  

    If you arrive outside of MIT Medical’s testing hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm), please proceed directly to your residence hall and HRS will provide provisional access to on-campus housing and you will be expected to test as soon as the testing facility reopens the following day (no later than 12:00 pm).  If you arrive to campus during after-hours and there is no front desk staff available at the residence, please contact "Unit 12" by dialing (617) 253-1500 to request building and room access. Please have your MIT ID card or ID number.  

    IMPORTANT: You should not arrive on campus if you are sick, having symptoms, or have tested positive for COVID-19 within fourteen days of your scheduled arrival.  Please email travelchange@mit.edu to notify HRS staff that your plans have changed.
  • Receive Your COVID-19 Test Upon Arrival to Campus. All students scheduled to arrive between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm during campus move-in weekend are required to go to Kresge (W16) for an initial health screening (updated!) immediately prior to testing at the Johnson Athletic Center (W34). First-Year students will also pick up their student ID and other helpful information at Kresge. The Division of Student Life will have an Information Center at Kresge on Sunday, February 14 and Monday, February 15. Please make sure to have the COVID Pass app downloaded on your phone or have your MIT ID card or number available to receive your test.
  • Complete Daily Health Attestation: Once you have accessed COVID Pass and received your first COVID-19 test from an MIT Medical testing facility, please complete your daily health attestation (yes, each day!) through COVID Pass to maintain access to your residence and other campus buildings.  
  • Airport Shuttles & Getting Around Campus. On-campus shuttles will be available according to their normal schedule. Staff will also be on-site to assist students with navigating on-campus shuttles departing from the Chapel Turnaround to get to their assigned residence hall.  

    MIT Parking & Transportation has also collaborated to offer airport shuttles for students arriving during Spring 2021 move-in weekend which will drop students off on campus at the Chapel Turnaround.  The pickup locations for ALL airport shuttles are outside the following exits for each terminal at the airport:
    • Terminal A –  Door A105
    • Terminal B –  Door B107
    • Terminal C –  Door C110
    • Terminal E –  Door E107
    • First-Year Students: Airport shuttles will be available for first-year students on Saturday, February 13.  Additional information is available through the Office of the First Year.  Guests traveling with first-year students will be accommodated as space permits on shuttles, and longer wait times may apply to students with guests.  Airport shuttles arriving on campus will drop off students at Kresge Oval and students will check-in at Kresge before visiting the Johnson Athletic Center for COVID-19 testing. If your arrival is scheduled on February 14 or 15, please follow the airport shuttle guidance for upper-level students provided below.
    • Upper-level Students: Hourly airport shuttles will be available by reservation only from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 14 and Monday, February 15.  To make a reservation, please email shuttles@mit.edu no later than 11:59 pm ET on Wednesday, February 10 with your full name, arrival time, phone number, email and airline.  You will receive a reservation confirmation with additional shuttle information.  Please note the shuttle pickup locations listed above.  

      Students should not consider a reservation final until they receive a confirmation email from Parking & Transportation.  Shuttles will arrive at Logan Airport every hour (approximately), and will visit the terminals that students specified according to their airline.  During move-in weekend, students can call (617) 253-1440 to check the status of airport shuttles.

      Please note that space is limited, as there will be physically-distanced seating on all vehicles. In the event that reservations for airport shuttle service are fully booked, students may need to take public transportation or arrange for private transportation to campus. Airport shuttles are for students only (not for guests or family members who are also not permitted to enter residence halls to assist upper-level students). Shuttles arriving on campus will drop-off at the Kresge Oval — a short walk from the Johnson Athletic Center testing facility.  
  • If Arriving by Car: Free parking will be available during move-in weekend at the following locations: 
  • Move-in Guest Policy. Upper-level students will not be permitted to bring guests into the residence halls during move-in. First-year students will be permitted to bring one guest with them for move-in, and guests may stay in the residence halls for a maximum of two hours while wearing face coverings and maintaining physical distancing from others. All guests who are helping with move-in are encouraged to review bullet #2 under the “Potential Other Traveler Scenarios” section of the Commonwealth’s website for guidance on the Commonwealth’s travel notification requirements.  All individuals traveling internationally to the United States are also reminded of the federal COVID-19 testing requirement to board a flight to the U.S.
  • Please Have Your MIT ID.  As highlighted within the COVID-19 student policies, IDs will be needed to access campus buildings and students are required to have their ID visible at all times when accessing campus spaces outside of their residence.  If your ID is lost or stolen, please contact the Atlas Service Center to request a replacement as soon as possible.  If you are a first-year student, your MIT ID card will be available for pickup upon your arrival and check-in. Please have your MIT ID visible at all times and available to receive your COVID-19 test.  

  • Quarantine Week (“Q-Week”): After you arrive on campus and receive your COVID-19 test from the MIT Medical testing facility, you will be expected to quarantine in your room for seven days as part of Q-Week.  All Spring 2021 residents will remain in quarantine through Sunday, February 21. 

    That means you cannot have direct contact with anyone else besides your roommate (if applicable) and you must stay in your room except to use your assigned bathroom, receive a COVID-19 test, or to get packages or meals while wearing a face covering.  Please remember to bring items with you that you will need during Q-Week because movement outside of your room will be limited.

    During Q-Week, your bedroom door must remain closed. You can leave the building for about an hour to exercise each day, wearing your face covering the entire time. You must keep six feet apart from other people at all times, including people you know. Once a second negative test result returns after the seven-day quarantine, the quarantine period will end.   

    Please know that support resources are available during Q-Week.  We encourage you to connect with the Area Director for your building who can help guide you through the available resources and provide additional information about Q-Week.
  • Receive Second COVID-19 Test on Saturday, February 20:  ALL students who arrive during campus move-in weekend (February 13-15) will receive their second COVID-19 test at the Johnson Athletic Center (W34) testing facility on Saturday, February 20 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • Dining Experience:  All undergraduate houses will have in-residence meal service with the exception of East Campus, which will be served in Morss Hall (Building 50). All dining services will be primarily take-out. Residents of undergraduate residences who arrive Saturday, February 13 and Sunday, February 15 are welcome to enjoy boxed lunch 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and hot dinner 5:00 to 8:30 pm.  Starting Monday, February 15, and throughout the semester, meal service will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays and brunch and dinner on weekends.  Breakfast during Q-Week will be complimentary for all meal plan holders.  Additional information about spring semester dining, including specific dining times, is available on the MIT Dining website.
  • Double Room Assignments: HRS has developed a helpful guide for students assigned to doubles to help with navigating our ‘new normal’ while in a shared living environment. We know that some students may feel uneasy about having a roommate, but please know that MIT’s COVID-19 student policies— including robust testing protocols, face coverings, daily health attestation requirements and support resources— have all been developed to protect your health and safety. 

    Roommates who arrive outside of MIT Medical testing hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm) will be temporarily assigned to a single space until testing is completed unless both roommates feel comfortable with opting out of this added precaution.
  • Moving Assistance & Retrieving Stored Belongings:  Professional movers will be on-site in residences and at the Johnson Athletic Center during move-in weekend for students who are interested in assistance with their belongings.  If you previously stored with Piece by Piece Movers, your belongings will be delivered to your Spring 2021 room assignment in advance of your arrival to campus.  Additional details regarding retrieval of belongings is available on the HRS website.