Site 4 - Spring 2021 Housing FAQ

February 2, 2021

1. Which COVID-19 student policies apply for residents of Site 4?

All residents of Site 4, including undergraduate residents, will be expected to adhere to graduate student COVID-19 policies.  This includes the graduate resident guest policy and indoor common space policy.   These policies, which are subject to change, are in addition to preexisting housing policies as well as general student policies as outlined in the Mind and Hand Book.

2. Will the pod program be available for undergraduate Site 4 residents? (updated)

Yes. Undergraduates living in Site 4 can choose to form a pod with up to five other Site 4 undergraduate residents, following the same process that applies to undergraduate residence halls.  By default, the graduate residence hall guest policy applies to all residents of Site 4, including undergrads.  By forming a pod, you are opting out of the graduate guest policy. 

3. Which classes are considered “upper-level” for purposes of Site 4 eligibility?

Sophomores, juniors and seniors may preference Site 4 as a Spring 2021 housing option.

4. If my staple group includes at least one first-year student, is my group eligible to live in Site 4?

No.  Site 4 eligibility is restricted to sophomores, juniors and seniors.  All group members must members of one of these three class years.

5. Are utilities included in the Site 4 semester housing rate?

Yes.  The $6,220 semester housing rate for Site 4 (which is the equivalent to a Tier 1 single room) includes utilities such as electricity, heat, and hot water. Access to the MIT network and internet are also included.

6. If I receive a Site 4 housing assignment, will there be assistance with moving items that were placed in storage during Spring 2020?

Yes.  Movers will be available during Spring 2021 move-in weekend and, regardless of which on-campus residence you are assigned to, there will be staff available to help deliver and retrieve your belongings.  Please visit the HRS website to learn more.

7. How will meals work during Q-Week?

Undergraduate residents of Site 4 who are not enrolled in a meal plan may obtain groceries from a local store that will sustain them during Q-Week (through Sunday, February 21).  Please see the ‘Helpful Resources’ section of the Site 4 Resident Guide for a listing of local grocery stores.  Residents are strongly encouraged to acquire groceries shortly after arriving on campus and to limit future departures from their room during the Q-Week period, leaving only for additional groceries if absolutely necessary. 

Please remember to wear a face covering, and follow all physical distancing and hand hygiene practices any time you leave your apartment. Students may also consider private food delivery services such as Instacart, Amazon Fresh, etc.

Students who are interested in enrolling in the Any 14 meal plan through MIT Dining may do so within their MyCard portal by Monday, February 8.  The subsidized cost for the Spring 2021 semester is $1,900, or about $8.50 per meal. The meal pickup location is Morss Hall (Walker Memorial, Building 50).  For additional information, including dining hours, please visit the MIT Dining website

MIT wants to ensure that no student is struggling with food security, and we have established several resources that can help you easily access food. If you are struggling at all with accessing food, please contact Student Support Services.  All students can also reach out to the Accessing Resources MIT (ARM) Coalition whose mission is to alleviate financial hardship by connecting students to campus resources.