Interfraternity Council Awards

The Interfraternity Council gives out five distinct awards, in addition to the FSILG Office awards, to recognize the brightest members and chapters that make a difference in the IFC community at MIT. These awards include Chapter of the Year, Most Improved Chapter, Best New Member Program, Best Scholarship Program, and Best Risk Management Program.

Visit the IFC website for more information on these awards.

Chapter of the Year
The Chapter of the Year Award recognizes a chapter that lives by the ideals and values of the Greek community. Criteria for this award include innovative programming, organizational efficiency, strong brotherhood bonds and interfraternal relations, good standing on campus, and strong contributions to both the MIT and Greater Boston communities. Please use reference materials such as alumni newsletters, pictures of events, activity descriptions, or outline of committees or judicial boards where appropriate to demonstrate excellence in these areas.

Most Improved Chapter
The Most Improved Chapter Award recognizes the chapter that has shown the most improvement in all aspects of fraternity life. Examples may include the same set of criteria outlined in the Chapter of the Year award. Please include descriptions of the previous and current state of your chapter along with the measures enacted to bring about change. Use statistics, testimonies, and/or reference materials where appropriate to help demonstrate overall chapter improvement.

Best New Member Program
The Best New Member Program Award recognizes the chapter that best integrates new members to their fraternity, campus, and community. Nominations should include a description of the new member program and how these events or policies contribute to a new member's growth.

Best Scholarship Program
The Best Scholarship Program Award recognizes the chapter that exemplifies superior skill in improving the academic standing of members. The focus of this award is not on overall GPA, but rather on what programs, events, and activities a fraternity hosts to foster a strong academic environment. Nominations should include a description of the scholarship program and how these events or policies contribute to academic achievement.

Best Risk Management
The Best Risk Management Award recognizes the chapter that is most acutely aware of the risks presented by living in a college setting and implements appropriate policies and procedures to ensure the safety of its members, guests and property. Nominations should include a copy of the chapter's most recent risk management policy and their national risk management policy (if applicable). Please include descriptions of any incidents during the past year and how these affected the chapter's risk management plans.