IMPORTANT: Community Compliance & Resident Access Information

September 10, 2020

Dear resident,

As someone who is on MIT's campus, you are required to follow MIT's health monitoring and testing protocols, which require you to complete a COVID-19 test twice weekly – separated by three days and four days – and complete a daily health attestation. By now, you should have already signed the Student and Resident Campus Agreement and completed the online education module, COVID-19 Training: MIT Campus Residents. We appreciate that most residents have been complying with all of the requirements detailed in the agreement and education module.

There are, however, a number of residents who are not yet fully in the routine of regular testing and completing daily health attestations. A Division of Student Life (DSL) Response Team has been communicating with these students and residents on a daily basis. To protect the health and safety of the MIT community, access will be restricted to campus buildings for those not in compliance. This policy will apply to all MIT community members, residents and non-residents, and to all buildings. If you are a resident who is not in compliance with testing and attestation requirements, beginning next week, access will also be restricted to the residence hall, as well as W20 (Stratton Student Center) and to other spaces such as DAPER facilities.

On Tuesday, September 15, on-campus residents who are not in compliance with testing and/or daily health attestations will receive messages through COVID Pass stating that they have been restricted from all campus buildings, including residence halls and W20 for meal pick-ups. Residents will be able to enter the lobby of their residence hall, but will not be permitted to go further into the residence until they are in compliance. 

To regain access, you can check the COVID Pass app to see what you need to do to be in compliance. You can complete a daily health attestation, sign the Student and Resident Campus Agreement, and complete the education module while in the residence hall lobby. It is important to note that it can take up to 30 minutes for COVID Pass to update completed requirements in the system to reauthorize access to campus buildings (including the residence hall). 

If you need to complete a COVID-19 test before gaining access, you can go to MIT Medical from Monday-Friday, 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, to get tested. In addition to testing at MIT Medical, an additional testing site will be opening at the Johnson Arena in the Z-Center soon. Current hours and testing locations are posted to If you have any questions about COVID Pass, or need some help navigating the system, please contact

After hours and on weekends, residence hall desk staff can contact a member of the DSL Response Team, who will be able to give you temporary access to the residence hall. If the desk is unattended at the time you try to access the residence hall, a sign will be posted instructing you to call Housing & Residential Services’ Evening Operations at (617) 253-1500 for assistance. The operations team can assist you and put you in contact with the DSL Response Team member on call. 

Please be respectful of the staff who work to respond to your request for building access as they may be addressing other housing issues. The front-line staff and house teams are there to help you; they are not responsible for turning your access off, and most importantly, you have control over maintaining access to campus buildings and your residence hall if you stay in compliance. 

Thank you for taking these important steps to keep you, other residents, and members of the MIT and surrounding communities safe. 


Senior Associate Dean
Residential Education

Senior Associate Dean
Housing & Residential Services