Fall 2020 Undergraduate Room Assignments

August 13, 2020

Dear Undergraduate Resident,

I’m writing as a follow-up to my previous message to share your Fall 2020 room assignment and additional details about arriving and living at MIT this semester.  On behalf of the entire team at Housing & Residential Services (HRS), we look forward to welcoming you to campus!  Please take a moment to review all of this information carefully.   

We will continue to remain in contact with you leading up to move-in weekend on August 29 and 30.  As always, if the HRS team can be helpful with answering your housing-related inquiries, please take a peek at the Fall 2020 undergraduate housing dashboard for regular updates, or send us an email at ughousingfall2020@mit.edu.


Director of House Operations
Housing & Residential Services

Your Room Assignment 

  • In collaboration with the student Room Assignment Chair (RAC) and the House Team for your residence hall, we are pleased to share that you have been assigned to [ENTER ROOM # AND RESIDENCE HALL HERE].
  • If you have questions regarding your room assignment, please contact your RAC via email at [ENTER RAC EMAIL HERE].

Fall 2020 Campus Information 

  • Fall 2020 Campus Guide.  Campus life will be different this fall, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.  The Division of Student Life has compiled a campus guide to help you navigate the move and life on campus after you arrive.  The guide will be updated regularly with additional information as it becomes available. 
  • Student Policies, Testing & Resident Agreement.  Prior to your arrival on campus, you will receive an email formally inviting you to use MIT’s Covid Pass health monitoring system.  Through the system (which is available through the MIT Atlas mobile phone application or online), you will be able to: 
    • Monitor and track COVID-19 test results from MIT Medical, including the required diagnostic testing upon arrival to campus.  
    • Complete required daily health attestations to maintain access to authorized campus facilities once you arrive to campus.
    • Acknowledge and agree to the Student & Resident Campus Agreement prior to arriving on campus. To preview the agreement, please visit the Student Policies page.
    • Complete an online learning module outlining COVID-19 student policies and life on campus prior to arriving on campus
  • Move-in Process.  Please take a moment to review the brief video about Fall 2020 move-in.  Additional details about the move-in process are outlined in the Campus Guide, however, these are some of the most important details to keep in mind:   
  • Arrive on Your Scheduled Date and Time.  At this time, you should have received confirmation of your arrival date and time.  If you are unsure of your scheduled arrival time, or if there are exceptional circumstances requiring an adjustment, please email ughousingfall2020@mit.edu.  All students are expected to arrive during their assigned arrival period unless alternate arrangements with HRS have already been made.  
  • Airport Shuttle by Reservation Only.  MIT Parking & Transportation will offer airport shuttles to campus by reservation only on August 29 and 30 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Space is limited, as there will be physically-distanced seating on all vehiclesAirport shuttles are for students only (we are sorry we are not  able to accommodate guests or family members). Shuttles arriving to campus will drop-off at MIT Medical. Reservations must be made by Friday, August 21.  Please visit the Campus Guide for additional details about shuttle hours and how to make a reservation.
  • MIT Medical = First Destination. All students who are scheduled to arrive between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm are required to go to MIT Medical first for a COVID-19 diagnostic test prior to arriving at their residence hall.  Campus shuttles will help transport you and your belongings from MIT Medical to your residence hall.  If your pre-scheduled arrival is outside of these hours, please proceed directly to your residence hall and HRS will provide provisional access to your room until the next available testing time.  Additional details about the move-in process are outlined in the Campus Guide linked above.    
  • Move-in Guest Policy. Returning students will not be permitted to bring guests into the residence halls during move-in. First-year students will be permitted to bring up to two guests with them for move-in, and guests may stay in the residence halls for a maximum of two hours.
  • Please Have Your MIT ID.  As highlighted within the COVID-19 student policies, IDs will be needed to access campus buildings and students are encouraged to always have their MIT ID with them when leaving their residence.  If your ID is lost or stolen, please contact the Atlas Service Center to request a replacement as soon as possible.   
  • Massachusetts Travel Reporting Requirement.  As of August 1, 2020, individuals over the age of 18 entering Massachusetts from any international location, or from a restricted state, are now required to complete the state-mandated Massachusetts Travel Form either immediately prior to arriving, or upon arrival, to Massachusetts.  To learn more about these requirements, please visit the Commonwealth's website or review the Campus Guide.  MIT’s COVID-19 policies for students who arrive to live on campus satisfy the state-mandated testing and quarantine requirements, however, students should still complete the Massachusetts Travel Form if arriving from an international location or a restricted state.   
  • Retrieving Stored Belongings. If you stored belongings prior to departing campus in March, we will help reconnect you with your items.  Belongings stored by Piece by Piece Movers in March will be transported to your new room assignment upon your arrival. If you will need to retrieve belongings from in-house storage or a house-sponsored PODS container, you will work with your House Team after you check in. There will be  staff on-hand during Move-In Weekend to assist you and to promote physical distancing throughout the move-in process.  If you previously lived in an FSILG where your belongings are currently stored, the FSILG Office will be in touch with you directly about retrieving your items. 
  • Residential Pods. To facilitate safer socialization, undergrad residence halls will be employing an optional pod system during the Fall 2020 on-campus housing period. A formally registered pod is a group of up to six residents who reside in the same building.  Under the program, podmates will interact as a “family” and exercise strict physical distancing with those outside their pod. 

    Members of a pod may interact with each other without physical distancing or face coverings in their own rooms or in designated pod lounges, and dine together in members’ rooms or pod lounges. The process and timeline for creating pods is as follows:
  1. In late August, Area Directors will send communications to their residents containing the Pod Agreement, and a link to the Pod Interest Form.   
  2. From August 31 until November 8, prospective pods will be able to submit the pod Interest Form. House Teams will support students who are looking for pod-mates or who wish to leave or change pods. 
  3. After submitting an Interest Form, a prospective pod will meet collectively with a designated member of the House Team in a virtual setting to discuss the Agreement and address any questions or concerns. Once this meeting is complete and the Agreement is signed, the pod is considered formally registered.
  4. Pending space availability and house needs, pods may be assigned private lounges after they are formally registered.

Helpful Reminders

  • Housing Rates. As described within a recent FAQ published by the Institute, all undergraduate rooms will be converted to single occupancy, however, rates will be set at the 2020-2021 double-room rate for each house.  The double-room housing rates correspond with the respective tier of the residence hall and apply to the period of time students are expected to be on campus (see semester housing dates below). 
  • Fall Semester Housing Dates. On-campus undergraduate housing for the Fall 2020 semester begins on your move-in date (either August 29 or August 30) and runs through November 22, 2020 at 12:00 noon.  Students who are unable to travel home by November 22 due to extenuating circumstances will be able to apply to stay on campus for the remainder of the semester (information about this program will be provided during the semester). If your request is granted, you will be responsible for additional housing and dining charges for the extended period. These charges have been factored into the financial aid office calculation for those students who have applied for financial aid.

Upcoming Housing Deadline Reminder 

August 15

  • If circumstances require the emergency closure of MIT’s campus, all of us need to be prepared.  As such, MIT is requiring all undergraduate students living on campus this fall to complete a non-binding departure plan.  If you haven’t already, please submit a student Departure Plan within the MyHousing portal. Please don’t worry—you can amend your departure plan information at a later date!