Fall 2020 Housing Form Reminder

July 23, 2020


Dear Student,

I am writing to follow-up to my previous message to remind you that the deadline to submit the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form is next Monday, July 27 at 11:59 pm through the MyHousing portal.  Please find several recent updates and answers to frequently asked questions below. 

If you have already completed the form. 

  • You may amend your Fall 2020 housing intentions, grouping or building preferences at any time before the form closes on Monday, July 27 at 11:59 pm. 

If you have not yet completed the form.

  • We are asking ALL students who have been invited to campus for Fall 2020 to complete the online form to share their housing intentions.  As announced in President Reif's letter to the MIT community, undergraduates who do not live on campus will have no access to campus facilities or in-person instruction.

Please visit the Housing & Residential Services (HRS) webpage for Fall 2020 housing updates and email your housing-related questions by emailing ughousingfall2020@mit.edu.    


Director of House Operations
Housing & Residential Services



    Finalized COVID-19 Policies 

    To protect the health and safety of the MIT community, updated housing policies and community expectations for Fall 2020 have been developed in collaboration with student leaders, Heads of House, MIT Medical, MIT Emergency Management and other campus partners.  The outstanding policies that are still under review will be finalized prior to the July 27 form submission deadline and posted to the HRS webpage.  

    Residential Pods

    In a collaborative effort between the Division of Student Life, DormCon, the Undergraduate Association, House Teams and other campus partners, an initiative for undergraduate students to form social groups, or “pods,” has been developed.  

    Please note that the process to form pods is separate from the group requests within the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form, which relates to requested placement in the same residence hall.  You will have an opportunity to start forming pods in August and may want to consider potential “podmates” when submitting your group requests for housing.

    The pod program, which is still in development, will allow committed groups of up to 6 students who are living in the same residence hall to socialize in certain settings that do not require 6 feet (2 meters) physical distancing, or the use of face coverings.  Settings may include students' private rooms, dining, and designated reserved common spaces within the residence hall.  

    The program is grounded in an honor system of self- and mutual- accountability.  Students will still be expected to practice personal hygiene practices and will be required to follow all residential and campus COVID-19 policies.  Students forming a pod will all sign pod agreement which outlines community expectations as well as student’s expectations for themselves and each other.  Once finalized, additional information regarding this initiative will be shared with all returning students.  


    #1. If my Fall 2020 housing plans change and I no longer require on-campus housing, may I cancel my housing assignment after July 27?

    • Yes. Students will have the option to cancel an on-campus housing assignment without penalty by August 28.  To cancel your assignment, please contact HRS via email at ughousingfall2020@mit.edu

      Before July 27, you may amend your housing intentions at any time through the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form within the MyHousing Portal. 

    #2. If I'm a rising senior, is it possible for me to 'group' with a student who is approved through the SHARP program?

    • Yes, rising seniors may choose to group with students who are approved through the Student Housing Assistance Review Process (SHARP) program.  The SHARP approvals are anticipated to be announced on Thursday, July 23, and approved students will then receive access to the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form through the MyHousing portal where they may mutually-select other students for grouping (including rising seniors).   

      Please note that rising seniors are unable to select SHARP applicants for grouping purposes until the student(s) is/are approved and receive access to the form.

    #3.  Will the building and living preferences that I submit through the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form apply to the spring? 

    • At this time, the information captured through the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form is strictly for Fall 2020.  As announced by President Reif, invitations to return to campus are currently for the fall semester.  MIT’s plans for Spring 2021 are still being considered and developed by the Task Force for 2021 and Beyond

    #4.  Will the Fall 2020 housing rates be adjusted according to building tier?

    • Yes.  As described within a recent FAQ published by the Institute, all undergraduate rooms will be converted to single occupancy, however, rates will be set at the 2020-2021 double-room rate for each house.  The rates for double-room housing correspond with the respective tier of the residence hall (i.e. double rate in Tier 1 is more expensive than double rate in Tier 3).

    #5.  What are the minimum number of credits required to live in on-campus housing during Fall 2020?

    • Due to the unique academic situation of each MIT student, HRS recommends that you reach out to the Registrar’s Office to confirm the minimum course load requirements.

    #6.  Are students within a group guaranteed to be assigned in the same building? 

    • HRS will make every effort to assign grouped students to the same residence hall based upon the submitted building preferences.  Please ensure that each group member ranks their building preferences in the same order.     

      If all group members have not confirmed/selected each other, the group will not be complete and a move together to a desired building may not be possible.

    #7.  What is the deadline to submit the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form and are there benefits to early submission?

    • From Wednesday, July 15 through Monday, July 27 (at 11:59 pm) the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form will be available within the MyHousing portal.  Undergraduate students who are invited to return to campus during Fall 2020 are requested to complete this form which captures information regarding students’ housing intentions for the fall semester.   

      For those students who would like to return to live on campus, the form also collects residence hall and rooming preference information.  The form is not first-come, first-served, and there is no priority given to those who submit the form early.   

      Please note, however, that students who do not submit the form by the end of July 27 cannot be guaranteed on-campus housing for the fall semester.  

    #8. How and when will building and room assignments be decided?

    • HRS will use students' building preferences submitted through the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form for building assignment purposes.  HRS will endeavor to place students in their most top-ranked building preferences.  Student building assignments will be communicated by the end of July.   

      With regard to room assignments, HRS worked collaboratively with Room Assignment Chairs (RACs) to support each house as they develop in-house processes for room assignments this fall.  Once HRS receives the building preference and group selection information from students, these details will be transmitted to RACs to facilitate individual room assignments for each residence hall in coordination with the House Team.   

      Confirmed room assignments will be communicated to returning students by the middle of August.

    #9.  Is it possible to form a 'group' larger than 6 residents? 

    • At this time, group selection is limited to no more than 6 students.  Students who are interested in a group of more than 6 residents are encouraged to break into two separate groups (i.e. groups of 4 and 4) and list the same building preferences within the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form. 

      Where possible, HRS will try to accommodate student groups according to their top building preferences.  Room Assignment Chairs will then use group member information during the room assignment process in collaboration with the House Team and will endeavor to assign group members to nearby rooms.

    #10.  May I request to live in the same room with my friend or partner? 

    • No. To better enable physical distancing, and to protect the health of individual students and residential communities, all undergraduate students invited back to campus during Fall 2020 will be assigned one student per room. 

      In general, students who are in a relationship are discouraged from living together in the same residential room in undergraduate housing.   

      If you would like to live in the same residence hall as your friend or partner, HRS recommends that you enter each other’s names within the Fall 2020 Housing Intent & Preference Form under the ‘Group Selection’ section.  This information will be used to determine residential community placement.  Room Assignment Chairs may use group member information during the room assignment process in collaboration with the House Team.