Cancel Your Assignment Before Move-in

In general, if you receive a graduate housing assignment through any of the available housing processes, you are expected to occupy the assignment on the appropriate date and fulfill all other terms of the Housing License Agreement.  Students who cancel their on-campus housing prior to their scheduled occupancy date (also known as "scheduled move-in date") are subject to the cancellation policy outlined below. 

Please Note: The housing Early Termination Policy will apply to any cancellations submitted after the scheduled occupancy date. 

Graduate Housing Cancellation Policy

You will be charged a $250.00 cancellation fee if:

  1. You are canceling your graduate housing assignment after making a selection;
  2. Or you have failed to sign the license agreement by the deadline after making a selection;
  3. Or after having signed the license agreement.
  4. If you cancel with less than 30 days notice prior to your scheduled occupancy “move-in” date, you will be assessed a $250.00 cancellation fee AND will be held rent-responsible until the housing unit you contracted to occupy has been reassigned to another resident.

All cancellation fees will be charged to your MITPay account unless you have withdrawn from the Institute.

How to Cancel Your Graduate Housing Assignment:

To cancel your housing assignment, please visit the Housing Portal to submit a Graduate Housing Cancellation Request Form at least 30 days prior to your scheduled occupancy “move-in” date. As a reminder, the graduate housing Early Termination Policy will apply to any cancellations submitted after your scheduled occupancy date. 

If You Decide Not to Attend MIT:

  • You must notify the Housing & Residential Services by filling out a Cancellation Request Form in your Housing Portal prior to your occupancy “move-in” date if you selected a unit. Please note that individual academic departments will not do this for you.


Changing Your Graduate Housing Assignment (Transfers)