W20 Group Study Spaces & Outdoor Gatherings

W20 Group Study Spaces

Looking to reserve a group study space in W20?  CAC is offering two locations on the first floor in the old Copy Tech location, W20-102, now named the Mascot Lounge; and the 1st Floor Meeting Room, W20-106.  These spaces are available to students for a 3-hour reservation between 7AM - 4PM. One reservation per student, per space per day, through May 27th, 2021.

The Mascot Lounge (W20-102) has a capacity of six (6) people around a conference table.

The 1st Floor Meeting Room (W20-106) has a capacity of four (4) people around a conference table.

To request either of these spaces, click the yellow button at bottom of the page.  Please request 48 hours ahead of time.

Please note Institute COVID policies including masking and social distancing.

Outdoor Gatherings

Looking to reserve a space? CAC is pleased to offer the opportunity to book an outdoor gathering space through May 31, 2021.

COVID Pass students, faculty, staff, and community members can reserve for groups ten and under through webform at the bottom of the page.  For events over ten, please continue reading below.

General MIT department Outdoor Gathering Sponsorship Guidelines

●    These guidelines apply to any non-informal gathering where a group larger than 10 people will be present, in non-residential spaces.
●    Outdoor activities must be sponsored by MIT departments; student organizations are not allowed to sponsor activities at this time.
●    Staff from the office sponsoring the activity must be present at all times.
●    Only CAC reservable spaces will be considered for possible activity location.
●    Size and attendance will be limited to the maximum capacity designated for that space. Capacity is set by the Institute through the Office of Campus Planning and takes into account current CDC, State, and City guidelines for outdoor gatherings. Sponsors should contact CAC (cacscheduling@mit.edu) to find an appropriate location for the activity.
●    Spaces must be reserved by the sponsoring MIT department.
●    Spaces can be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours.
●    Cleaning/disinfecting supplies will be made available at each location.
●    Only COVID pass compliant students, faculty, and staff allowed in attendance. 
●    All additional COVID Guidelines and Institute policies apply.
●    Eventbrite or a similar reservation tool is recommended to manage pre-reservation and attendance and to maintain appropriate capacity numbers. 

Locations of Gatherings:

  • Kresge BBQ Pits #1-4
  • W20 Garden (back of the building near Dupont)
  • Stata Amphitheater
  • Kresge Oval
  • Kresge Lawn

●    The capacity for each space depends on several factors including the type of gathering, specific dimensions, and current CDC and Institute guidelines.
●    Space capacity will be available prior to reserving the space. 
●    Capacity limits must be observed at all times and will be enforced by the sponsoring office. 
●    No indoor rain locations are available at this time, so all events need to be flexible and plan for inclement weather cancellation/postponement.
●    Some spaces will not be available for reservation during lunch and/or dinner time as they are used as outdoor dining locations.

Reserving Spaces

●    Designated spaces are reservable through CAC by COVID Pass students, and MIT departments.
●    Space must be reserved with the below webform and approved by CAC (cacscheduling@mit.edu)
●    Users agree to use the space for the scheduled time only (a maximum of three hours per reservation).
●    Timeframe for these gatherings: April 16 - May 31.
Space Usage
●    All Institute social distancing and other COVID safety guidelines apply; Face coverings must be worn at all times.
●    Usage is restricted to MIT students/staff who are COVID-Pass holders only (IDs must be visible at all times).
●    Users are responsible for compliance with all MIT guidelines for space use, including those posted at the specific location (signage at each location specifies capacity and additional guidelines for space use).
●    Cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be available at each space for users to clean surfaces before, during, and after the gathering.
●    Spaces may be used for the distribution of items such as pre-packaged goods, and other individual items that do not require serving/handling. When the distribution of items is the main reason for the space reservation, a plan for managing distribution/lines must be established in order to avoid unnecessary crowding

Rules for these outdoor spaces are:

* Only COVID-Pass authorized MIT community members in attendance

* Stay at least 6 feet apart in compliance with physical distancing guidelines

* Wear a mask or face covering

* Have your MIT ID visible

* Stay in the assigned space

* Clean furniture and other surfaces before and after use with the spray bottles provided

* Place trash and recyclables in the appropriate containers

* No alcohol allowed

* Please respect the end time for this gathering as others may be using the space soon after your gathering ends

* All MIT COVID guidelines, rules, and regulations apply

Sound like something that you would like to book? Please realize the following:

* You can book up to 3 hours at a time, Monday – Sunday, 9 am to 10 pm, and up to one week out.

* Gatherings need to be booked at least 2 days ahead of time.

* No multiple spaces can be reserved at one time by the same person for one specific activity

* Cooking is only allowed at the BBQ Pits.

Ready to book?: 


Need help? Just email us at cacscheduling@mit.edu.