pic announcing "The Coffeehouse Lounge" with red velvet curtains

The Coffeehouse Lounge
Music Series

Weekly music performances by artists from the MIT community and across greater Boston

The Coffeehouse Lounge Music Series offers students and MIT community members an opportunity to take a break, listen to live performances, and enjoy some munchies. The Music Series occurs every Thursday evening during the academic school year. During the summer, the Lounge sponsors outside lunchtime concert every Thursday. The concerts are free to the MIT community at large, as well as performers' friends and families.

Perform at the Lounge

Have you always wanted to take your act from singing in the shower to the stage? Are you interested in performing? Why not take that first step and contact us to open for a more experienced act. You can thank us when you win that Grammy!

If you are interested in performing, please send email coffeehouselounge@mit.edu. Include the name of the performer or band, the genre of music, websites or music samples, and a description of how much experience you have performing live.