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The Stratton Student Center (W20) will be closed and not accessible starting Monday, 4/17 for a “refresh.”  For CAC scheduling services, please use the virtual scheduling system, and/or contact the staff through, Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.  CAC will still be providing services for other CAC buildings, and is reachable at  For more information on alternative dining options and retail locations for the US Post Office, MITFCU, and MIT Coop, check out the W20 Updates and FAQ page:

Centrally located, the Stratton Student Center offers places to gather, study, dine, do errands, and relax. MIT students view the Student Center as their out-of-the-classroom home.

The first floor serves as a campus commons where students congregate and meet. With over forty student offices and lounges, seven dining venues, a reading room with group study spaces, the Athena Lounge, an art gallery, an MIT Coop bookstore, one bank, a supermarket, caffeine outlets, and several important Division of Student Life offices, there truly is something for everyone at the Student Center!