Stratton Student Center Posters

During the academic year, MIT groups may apply to reserve space for hanging large posters around the center stairwell of the Stratton Student Center. The following policies apply:
  • Each organization can have a maximum of ten days per semester.
  • Balcony posters must be hung horizontally. The maximum height is 4'0"; the maximum width is 12'0".
  • Posters are limited to four spaces on the third-floor balcony (see diagram below).
  • Poster should be attached only with painters' tape.
  • Groups are responsible for removing their posters and all tape when their reservation ends. Tape should not be placed on white painted walls.
  • Groups cannot reserve a Stratton Student Center poster position and an infinite corridor panel at the same time.
CAC - Posters in W20  

Public Infinite Corridor Panels

Use of the Infinite Corridor panels is provided by the CAC to recognized student organizations and Institute departments for displays that promote their programs. Displays should be attractive, informative, and educational. Reservations may be made once per term by an individual organization for a maximum period of ten days. Beginning in early December, applications for panels are accepted for the following IAP and spring terms. Each organization can have a maximum of ten days per semester.

As you enter the Infinite Corridor from Lobby 7, the panels are on the right. Panel A is the first panel; Panel B is the fourth panel; and Panel C is the sixth panel. The dimensions of the panels are: Panels A and Panel C are 69” long and 44” high, and Panel B is 64” long and 44” high. These measurements are the size of the finished display (i.e. the visible space). You cannot tuck edges under the frames. Keys for the locks may be obtained from the Campus Activities Complex office, W20-500. You will need to leave your ID with the office until the key is returned. You may not reserve an Infinite Corridor panel space and a Stratton Student Center poster space on the same day.