Building-to-Building Switch Lottery

Thinking about changing buildings?

If you think another residence hall may be a better fit for you, the building-to-building switch process is available to help full-time, degree-seeking, single graduate residents change residence halls.

Visit our Dates & Deadlines for information on the building-to-building application period.


Before you participate in the building-to-building switch process, please take a moment to consider all of your housing options. MIT offers a variety of housing types at different price points to give graduate students more choice.

Keep in mind that the building-to-building switch process is binding, which means that if you apply and receive an alternate housing assignment, you’ll be committed to moving there.

If you’re happy living in your current community and are interested in an alternative room assignment in that building, check out our internal transfer webpage which contains everything you need to know about how the room change process.

Only fully-registered graduate students in single housing with an active on-campus housing assignment (70 Amherst Street, Ashdown House1, Edgerton House, Graduate Tower at Site 4, Sidney-Pacific1, Tang Hall, and The Warehouse2) are eligible for the building-to-building switch process.

1Residents who successfully switch into Ashdown House or Sidney-Pacific will receive an updated license agreement that corresponds with the house's policy and occupancy dates. Successful participants will receive a one-year renewable license.

2Only first-year graduate students are eligible to live in The Warehouse. Successful participants will receive a non-renewable license.

Residents not eligible for this process include undergraduates currently living in graduate housing, residents living in family housing, postdocs, cross-registered students, and other visitors.

If you successfully receive a new housing assignment through the building-to-building switch process, you will be obligated to move to your new assignment. Move-in information, including a move date, will be provided to your MIT email from Housing & Residential Services.

Also, please keep in mind:

  • If you do not receive a new assignment through the building-to-building switch, you will remain in your current assignment.
  • Failure to move to the new assignment by the confirmed move-in date will result in your assignment being terminated. You will additionally remain responsible for all rent and house tax for your new assignment until the housing unit is occupied by a new resident, or until the License Agreement expires, whichever occurs first.
  • Residents who successfully switch into a new building will receive an updated license agreement that corresponds with the house's policy and their occupancy dates.

The Building switch process is a domino effect and it is imperative you move by the finalized transfer date (no later than mid-January) since other residents are affected by your moving

  • If you receive an assignment, HRS will work directly with you to set a move date anytime from the end of November through mid-January (depending on the room availability date). You must move out of your old assignment by your move date and into your new assignment on or after the finalized transfer date. The transfer from your current unit to the new unit is completed in a single day.

  • If you are going to be away on the finalized transfer date, you must arrange for your current room to be vacant on or before your move-out date and respond to your switch confirmation email to let Housing & Residential Services know that you will not be present on the move date. Only you can check into your new assignment.
  • Billing will be continuous, regardless of your occupancy of your new and old apartments. Your billing will change to reflect your new rent and address on your scheduled move date.
  • Failure to move by your assigned move date will result in a $595 fee for improperly checking out of your current assignment.
Building-to-building switch results are not based on date applied order. As long as your form has been submitted by the deadline, it will be reviewed and processed by HRS.

To apply for the Building-to-Building Transfer process, please submit the appropriate webform within your Housing Portal. A link to the "Graduate Building to Building Switch Form" will be available in the "Forms" section of the portal during the application period. 



Interested in connecting with the team at Housing & Residential Services (HRS)? Please visit our contact webpage to learn about how you can contact HRS, including drop-in virtual office hours.