GRA Application

GRA Recruitment and Selection Timeline

** Please note that our Fall 2021 hiring cycle has concluded, but we will not be closing the application.  We will continue to accept applications for Fall 2021 off-cycle openings, email with any questions**

GRA Recruitment and Selection Timeline

While COVID is impacting all normal campus operations, including GRA selection, we are currently accepting applications and plan to following our standard selection timeline, outlined below. We will be in communication with applicants as we have more information about how specifically the selection process will move forward.

  • Nov. 4: Application for Fall 2021 openings available. (Applicants can also express interest in immediate openings and Spring 2021 off-cycle openings in the application)
  • November and December: GRA Role Information Sessions (to be scheduled)
  • December 7: Spring opening - application deadline
  • Early January: Priority Deadline (Applications received after the priority date may still be considered for openings, but may not be included in the initial application review)
  • January – early February: URL and FSILG conduct pre-interview meetings with eligible applicants
  • February: Selection teams (House teams and FSILGs) begin review of completed applications
  • February – mid March: Application review and interview period
  • Late March: Offers made to selected candidates
  • Early April: Deadline for selected candidates to accept position


GRA Interview, What to Expect

After submitting your application, you will be invited to an informational interview with a Residential Education staff member.  This brief 25-minute interview will be an opportunity for us to gather additional information to supplement your application, which will be reviewed by individual communities.  You will also be given time to ask questions regarding the position and selection process.

After our centrally run informational interview, applications for eligible candidates are provided to the selection teams in the houses looking for a GRA(s).  During this interview period, selection teams reach out to candidates individually to schedule a meeting.  Each houses timeline and process are a little different, most houses have 1-2 student/selection team interviews that culminate with a final interview with house leadership.  Some houses have "socials" where multiple candidates are invited to one event to meet the selection team and other students of the floor/hall in one session.  Some Residence Halls might be hiring for more than one GRA and utilize a group/social style event as an opportunity for more than one selection team to meet the same candidates.  Successful candidates would then be invited to a second 1:1 interview later in the process.  Some houses begin this process right away, and others delay a bit.  We encourage you to attend all of the interviews that you are offered, as you may find yourself connecting with more than one community. 

At the conclusion of the interview period, both houses and candidates provide feedback to the Residential Education Office.  Houses first submit feedback regarding their top preference candidates for each opening that they are looking to hire.  Residential Education then reaches out to the candidates provided by the selection teams to request feedback regarding your interviews and future working with that house.  At this time, Residential Education uses the submitted data to run a placement algorithm.

GRAs are extended an offer for the house where they were placed in the algorithm, by the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Residential Life.  Pending a successful background check, candidates accept their offer and sign the GRA agreement as the final step. 

The GRA position begins in mid-August and concludes after commencement.  GRAs who are continuing on for another year, are extended agreement renewals in early May


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