Media Digitization & Duplication

Resurrecting Media Archives

From 8mm film to digital recordings, our Media Digitization and Duplication services can modernize your media archives to a current format, and duplicate files or recordings.

We have the ability to transfer departmental recordings or personal media to VHS, Compact Disc, DVD, or Digital Formats. These transfer services are available to the MIT community.


*Please note:  All duplications and transfers are at the risk of the customer. MIT Audiovisual may not be held responsible or liable for any damage to the customer's original media that may occur under our operation.


Media we duplicate and transfer from:

  • Audio:
    • CD
    • Digital
  • Video:
    • 8mm
    • VHS
    • DVD
    • Digital


  • MIT Cost Object:  $50/hour (1hr minimum)
  • No MIT Cost Object:  $80/hour (1hr minimum)


To request Media Digitization and Duplication Services, email us at