Features & Services

Digital signage consists of the display of different digital media e.g., PowerPoint slides, webpages, live feeds, images, or wayfinding applications. The Visix digital signage system will tie into MIT Alert (MIT's emergency notification system).

Visix Digital Signage Features Include:

  • Emergency notifications (MIT Alerts)
  • Connectivity to MIT data sources to provide content e.g., EMS
  • Connectivity to IPTV Feeds, Social Media Sources, and MIT Data Sources e.g., EMS
  • News, weather, and stock market tickers

MIT AV Provides Infrastructure, Staff, and Support Including:

  • Prompt response to inquiries and other communications
  • System training via online library and one-on-one support
  • Support services via MIT Audiovisual technical staff
  • System operations and network connections
  • Channel player monitoring with automated system alerts
  • Continuous effort to develop and improve services

To request Digital Signage Services, email us at mitav@mit.edu.