MIT AV Policies


AV Late Request Policy:  The best practice when booking is to request AV Services as soon as possible. Late requests can put a strain on staffing and equipment stock. For events held during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm), please make your request no later than 5 business days prior to the first day of needed service. For events held during evenings or weekends, please make your request no later than 10 business days prior to the first day of needed service. Late requests may be subject to a 20% increase of cost.

AV Cancellation Policy:  You must cancel your AV request no later than 3 business days before the first day of service to avoid any fees. A late cancellation of AV services (2 business days or less) will result in charges for full labor and/or cross-rentals of equipment from external vendors. Cancellations due to natural disasters or unexpected MIT closings are exempt from any late cancellation fees.  Some events, depending on sourcing of equipment rentals and other factors, may have different cancellation policies.  Any additional policies that apply to your event will be provided to you for your agreement during the event planning process and agreement will need to be in place before the event is confirmed by MIT Audiovisual Services.

Off-Campus Events:  MIT Audiovisual Services does not offer equipment or labor services for off-campus events. This enables us to concentrate our efforts supporting the students, faculty and staff within MIT. MIT AV staff can provide recommendations for outside AV vendors for off-campus events. If your campus event was not able to be held on-campus due to Covid-related restrictions, MIT AV may be available to support your off-campus event.  If MITAV is able to support your off-campus event there will be a surcharge added to the cost of the audiovisual equipment and labor to support the event.

Labor Charges:  Labor fees for event support will be, in most cases, greater than the duration of the actual event. This labor is necessary for event planning, setup, and breakdown of audiovisual equipment.

Power-Strips and Extension Cords: MIT Audiovisual Services provides extension cords and power strips necessary to provide AC power for MITAV equipment being used during an event.  This can include podium/lectern locations and panelist/head table locations as needed.  MITAV cannot provide extension cords and power strips for event participants.  To request power for event participant locations (demonstration tables, seating areas, poster session locations, etc.) please contact MIT Facilities.  

Use of Client-owned or Client-Provided Audiovisual Equipment:  No client-owned and/or client-provided audiovisual equipment can be used in conjunction with audiovisual equipment provided by MIT Audiovisual Services unless agreed to in writing by MIT Audiovisual Services before the event is confirmed. Requests to add and/or connect client-owned or client-provided audiovisual equipment to equipment provided by MIT Audiovisual Services (including installed audiovisual systems being used for the event) will be denied.  Clients may provide and use their own laptop or other similar device for presentation.  MIT Audiovisual Services is not responsible for client-provided laptop or other presentation devices, and cannot diagnose or repair functionality or configuration issues.