Courses, Meetings, Conferences, Live and Virtual Events, Stage Management

Successful events are planned.

Courses:  Of course, we support courses! What do you need? We can provide the professor with a microphone, projector, digital audio recording, etc. Tell us what you need.

Meetings:  Do you want audiovisual support for your meeting? We can assist you with connecting to a room projector or to a video conference.

Conferences:  Let us take care of your conference. We have successfully supported thousands of international conferences on campus. Our ability to manage audiovisual services for multi-day and multi-room events is exceptional.

Live Events:  Our event-planning staff is ready to help you coordinate audiovisual event production details for large-scale events. From Hackathons to Music Concerts, we collaborate with internal and external vendors to produce high quality, professional events.

Virtual Events:  We will be a part of your planning process to assist with the organization of your webinar or virtual meeting. A rehearsal and practice session are included to ensure proper procedural operations, connections, content sharing, etc. A technician can stay live with the webinar or meeting in case of any mishap or glitch. Our event team will make this a smooth and easy process.  

Stage Management:  This is a necessary part of any large, complicated event or performance. Our Stage Managers coordinate stage-related production aspects and direct technical staff during live events and performances. They will be a liaison with both external audiovisual vendors and internal MIT service providers. Their top concern is to ensure a smooth and seamless event.

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