Courses, Meetings, Conferences, and More!

Plan a successful event!

Courses:  It is our goal to provide any instructors who may need support with a microphone, projector, digital audio recording, etc. Tell us what you might need to make your course a success in the coming semester. 

Meetings:  As technology changes, we have explanded our stock from the simplicity of a Conference Phone to various Video Teleconferencing options. Please communicate your needs with us, so we can help you best communicate for meetings large and small. 

Conferences:  MIT AV effectively supports domestic and international conferences on campus, whether they span multiple days, multiple locations, or both. Keep to your agenda for a smooth, organized conference with the help of our team. 

Remote Support: The MIT AV remote support team can aid in the planning and production of a great virtual event. This includes, but is not limited to, a rehearsal and practice session. Please reach out to our main office for a consultation on your remote support needs to see if we can assist. 


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