Jobs and Financial Resources

Help with campus jobs and information on financial resources

ACT Teaching Assistant
Apply for teaching assistantships in the Art, Culture, and Technology Program.

Become a Seminar XL Facilitator
Apply to be a seminar XL facilitator. Seminar XL faciliators are committed, responsible and caring students who enjoy teaching and working with a diverse population of students.

Become a Teaching Assistant (TA)
Find paid tutoring jobs in the Office of Minority Education.

CAPD Jobs and Internships Resources
Find Jobs and Internships opportunities.

Chemitry Tutoring Jobs
Apply to be a Chemistry Department tutor.

Davis Projects for Peace Fellowships
Davis Projects for Peace Fellowships offers a $10,000 fellowship for an MIT undergraduate student project that promotes peace, to be implemented during the summer.

DUSP-PKG Career Development Fellowship
Department of Urban Studies and Planning Summer Fellowships are ideal for DUSP students planning a career in international development or public service. If you are a DUSP student in the process of lining up a summer internship or looking for funding to support efforts on a project, consider applying to the DUSP-PKG Fellowship program.

EECS Student Hourly Employment
Find Electrial Engineering/Computer Science jobs.

EECS Teaching Assistantships
Apply for Electrical Engineering/Computer Science Teaching Assistantships.

Financial Aid at MIT
MIT's Financial Aid Office is a resource to assist you in finding a way to bring the cost of an MIT education within your reach.

Financial Literacy Initiative
The Office of Graduate Education (OGE) established the OGE’s Financial Literacy Initiative in 2015 to provide graduate students with resources to help ensure sound financial health during their graduate education and beyond.

Funding Opportunities
Check here for various funding opportunities sponsored by student life. Includes grants, fellowships, etc.

Global Opportunities
The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) offers undergraduates funding for summer research opportunities in international settings.

GSC Travel Grant
The Graduate Student Council (GSC) Travel Fund Grant is designed to support the conference-related travel expenses of MIT graduate students in all schools throughout the Institute. Specifically, this fund is allocated to conference travel expenses (including lodging) that are not currently funded by the student’s advisor or other MIT-related funding.

Interphase EDGE
Apply for Interphase EDGE RA jobs.

Kelly-Douglas Fund
The Kelly-Douglas Fund supports travel during IAP or Summer for students wanting to deepen their understanding of a field in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, or to contribute to a humanitarian project.

Laureates and Leaders
Laureates and Leaders Program is a graduate school initiative designed to encourage and support students underrepresented in the sciences and engineering, in their quest to achieve a graduate degree.

Legatum Fellowships
The Legatum Center Fellowships offer MIT students a one-year fellowship to support entrepreneurship that benefits global well-being. Fellows receive funding to support their tuition, stipend, project development and travel.

MATH Grading and Tutoring Jobs
Find grading and tutoring jobs in math.

MATH Summer Jobs
Find graduate-level jobs for summer funding in math.

MISTI Internships
The Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) office offers undergraduates Summer and IAP Travel Scholarships to support study abroad opportunities.

MIT Grant for Graduate Students with Children
The MIT Grant for Graduate Students with Children is a need-blind pilot program for the 2020-2021 academic year. All PhD students whose children live with them are eligible for this grant. In addition, Master’s students enrolled in most programs that award the Master of Science, and in programs awarding the Master of Architecture or Master in City Planning, are eligible if their children live with them (see website for eligibility details)

OGE Fellow Positions
Graduate Community Fellows are a cadre of graduate students who work under the auspices of the Office of Graduate Education.

PKG Social Action Board
Find jobs connected to social action.

Student Externship Grant
Apply for an IAP Student Externship Grant. The Class of 2008 Externship Assistance Fund was established to help offset costs for MIT students whose externship experience is unpaid.

Student Jobs
Find job opportunities at MIT.

Summer and IAP Scholarships
The MIT Global Education office offers undergraduates Summer and IAP Travel Scholarships to support study abroad opportunities.