Books, Supplies, and Research

Help with books, tutoring, learning materials, and research

  • The APO Book Exchange is a forum where used books can be bought and sold. Traditionally, it happens during the first week of the fall and spring academic terms.

  • At no cost and upon request, the MIT Libraries can help you access books, CD's, DVDs, articles, journals and website information even if they are not currently in our libraries.

  • Donate and pick up recycled items. Everything at Choose to Reuse is free! Items include clean and usable clothes, books, and other household items. You don’t have to give items to get items! Events are held the third Thursday of the month during the academic year in Stata Center.

  • Department of Urban Studies and Planning Summer Fellowships are ideal for DUSP students planning a career in international development or public service. If you are a DUSP student in the process of lining up a summer internship or looking for funding to support efforts on a project, consider applying to the DUSP-PKG Fellowship program.

  • Check here for various funding opportunities sponsored by student life. Includes grants, fellowships, etc.

  • Global UROPs offer undergraduates funding for summer research opportunities in international settings.

  • The Graduate Student Council (GSC) Travel Fund Grant is designed to support the conference-related travel expenses of MIT graduate students in all Schools throughout the Institute. Specifically, this fund is allocated to conference travel expenses (including lodging) that are not currently funded by the student’s advisor or other MIT-related funding.

  • The Kelly-Douglas Fund supports travel during IAP or Summer for students wanting to deepen their understanding of a field in the humanities, arts, and social sciences, or to contribute to a humanitarian project.

  • The Legatum Center Fellowships offer MIT students a one year fellowship to support entrepenuership that benefits global well-being. Fellows receive funding to support their tuition, stipend, project development and travel.

  • MIT Reuse List is a group email list for exchanging free and for-sale items located at MIT or within the greater Boston area.
  • For no cost, the MIT Libraries offers books and course materials on reserve. Reserves are materials and resources that professors have identified to use for a credit-bearing class. They can be either print or electronic.

  • Apply for an IAP Student Externship Grant. The Class of 2008 Externship Assistance Fund was established to help offset costs for MIT students whose externship experience is unpaid.

  • If there are books or materials you would like the MIT Libraries to own that they do not currently have, you can request a purchase here.

  • The MIT Global Education office offers undergraduates Summer and IAP Travel Scholarships to support study abroad opportunities.

  • Trash2Treasure is an annual program that takes one student's trash and turns it into another student's treasure. Items left behind by graduating students are collected during the end-of-year move-out and either sent to local donation facilities or sold at a Fall Reuse Sale at the start of the fall semester when the students come to campus.

  • Find tutoring options including science core, departmental, external services and resources, and peer study groups.

  • The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program cultivates and supports research partnerships between MIT undergraduates and faculty.