Basic Living Expenses

Help with food, winter clothing, furniture, and household items

  • Alpha Phi Omega maintains a ride board, a map of the United States and Canada on which the MIT community can post notices to share rides and to reduce travel expenses. It is currently located outside the exit of Lobdell Dining Hall on the second floor of the Student Center.

  • Donate and pick up recycled items. Everything at Choose to Reuse is free! Items include clean and usable clothes, books, and other household items. You don’t have to give items to get items! Events are held the third Thursday of the month during the academic year in Stata Center.

  • The Clothing Service Program is the Women’s League's effort to ease the strain on international student clothing budgets. Each fall it hosts a "Fall Fashion Free For All", at which students can select needed items for their wardrobes at no cost.

  • Davis Projects for Peace Fellowships offers a $10,000 fellowship for an MIT undergraduate student project that promotes peace, to be implemented during the summer.

  • Discounted T-Passes for students are offered by the MBTA.

  • Graduate Residential Life offers a Family Food Grant to graduate student families who are experiencing food insecurity.

  • When available, free cooking classes (with meals to take home!) will periodically be posted in the Tim's Kitchen newsletter.

  • The Free food list is an e-mail listserv at MIT which notifies you of delicious leftover food from campus events. Food is free for anyone to take! Sign up through Moira, list "free-food".

  • The Office of Graduate Education provides advice and counsel on a variety of issues including faculty/student relationships, changing your advisor, conflict negotiation, funding, academic progress, interpersonal concerns, and a student’s rights and responsibilities.

  • Held in October and April, Spouses & Partners Connect Kids' Clothing Exchange offers free kids' clothing, outerwear, shoes, toys and books for children ages birth-5. Expectant parents welcome. Find dates in their calendar.

  • MIT Reuse List is a group email list for exchanging free and for-sale items located at MIT or within the greater Boston area.

  • The MIT Student Furniture Exchange (FX), a service project of the MIT Women's League since 1960, sells used furniture and household goods at bargain prices and is open to the MIT, Harvard, Suffolk, and BU communities.

  • Students can be nominated to be Distinguished Peers and recieve a $100 gift card.

  • This fund provides MIT students who are participating in an unpaid or underpaid internship/volunteer opportunity over the summer with a small grant of up to $1,000 to subsidize summer housing expenses.

  • MIT Radio Society sponsors a swapfest on the third Sunday of each month, April through October. Buy, swap, sell amateur radio, electronic, and computer equipment.

  • SwipeShare is a program that allows students who are on a meal plan to donate their guest swipes to other students struggling with food insecurity. To request a meal follow this form.

  • For students struggling with food costs, Student Support Services can provide small increments of TechCASH to a student’s account for immediate food needs. Please contact a dean at S^3 to inquire about TechCASH or food assistance. For graduate students, please contact Associate Dean Naomi Carton at

  • TechMart is an at-cost grocery store for students offering staples like vegetables, fruit, pasta, dairy, and meats.
  • Trash2Treasure

    Trash2Treasure is an annual program that takes one student's trash and turns it into another student's treasure. Items left behind by graduating students are collected during the end-of-year move-out and either sent to local donation facilities or sold at a Fall Reuse Sale at the start of the fall semester when the students come to campus.