What is a BORG?

A BORG is an acronym for “blackout rage gallon.”  BORG’s,  which have been trending on TikTok, are made in a plastic gallon jug by combining water, alcohol, and flavoring - often  include electrolytes and may contain caffeine.    

Safety Considerations

Amount of Alcohol 
BORG recipes featured on TikTok often contain a fifth of alcohol, which is the equivalent of approximately 17 standard 1.5 ounce shots of hard liquor.  Diluting a BORG with water and adding electrolytes will NOT prevent the toxic effects of consuming this much alcohol.  
Mixing Alcohol with Caffeine
Mixing alcohol with caffeine or energy drinks is dangerous as drinkers may feel more awake and alert and consume more alcohol, which can lead to dangerous levels of impairment and possible alcohol poisoning.  Additionally, caffeine may mask the typical signs of intoxication, making it harder to know when you’ve had too much to drink.
Alcohol and Sexual Assault
One circulating myth is that because BORG’s have a cap, they prevent sexual assaults by reducing the risk of drink spiking.  Please keep in mind that if you set your BORG down and leave it unattended, pass it around to share with others, or leave the cap off, the same risks of drink spiking are present.  Furthermore, alcohol itself is the substance most often used to facilitate sexual assault.  BORG's often lead to increased blood alcohol content which heightens the risk of being targeted for sexual assault.


If you are going to make a BORG, please consider the following strategies:
  • Don’t add any alcohol (no one will know)
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you pour into your BORG
    • Using an online Blood Alcohol Content calculator, such as, estimate how many hours you plan to drink for and calculate how many standard drinks of liquor will keep your BAC at or below a .05 
    • Measure the number of 1.5 ounce standard drinks (40% ABV, 80 proof liquor) you are adding
  • Consume at a slower pace and extend drinking over a longer period of time   
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with caffeine or energy drinks
  • Make your own drink, but use a smaller container
  • Never leave your BORG unattended, keep the cap on, and avoid sharing with others
  • Look out for others, know the signs of alcohol poisoning, and always call MIT Police for help (617) 253-1212     

Picture of a BORG